Universal Joint To Become Applebee’s

Breaking News!  If you Oakhurstians won’t go to suburbia, then suburbia is coming to you!

Gary sends in this photo…

17 thoughts on “Universal Joint To Become Applebee’s”

  1. That one seemed too unlikely to believe. How about Brick Store guys buyout Ruby Tuesday’s? That almost seems inevitable.

    And I’m not talking about the Decatur location. I’m thinking the whole chain.

    1. Gee, Daren, you are really mean. ‘I can’t believe you would wish Ruby Tuesday on anyone.

  2. You got me for about 15 seconds– but for that brief bit of time, I must confess I fell hard!

  3. Wow, that actually made my heart skip a beat. Then I got it a second later. I would think that at the very least they could lure a Chili’s instead.

  4. Feel for it, hook, line, and sinker. I was thinking that Oakhurst had lost much of its original community and gotten pretty gentrified but….Applebee’s????

  5. Seriously– some of you fell for it??? I have some beachfront property in South Dakota for you… I kid, I kid.

  6. Shucks! I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to get on the interstate exit to get fried cheese. (mmmhh …. fried cheese… drool.)

  7. If this had actually been true, the news would have been much worse.

    Not only would they buy up UJ, they’d also have to purchase Scottish Rite so they could tear it down and lay some asphalt.

    Cars have needs too ya know!

  8. I fell for it, too! Went into a panic w/ prospect of UJoint gone. Although — if any chain has to come to Oakhurst — Applebee’s actually isn’t that bad. Great gag!

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