Better urban planning means better health

Like Daryl Hall and John Oates, urban planning and public health are better together.

Why live in Decatur?

Let’s see: friendly people, beautiful neighborhoods, beer, parks, smart government, @Carl, good schools, beer, train and bus transit, cerveza, walking access to offices, shops and restaurants, and beer.

And one more thing . . .

A growing body of scientific research suggests dense, walkable cities – like Decatur – are healthier than their sprawling, car-centric cousins.

Wait. I have an idea!

Maybe urban planners and public officials can have some kind of meeting where they can talk making healthier cities?!?!?

Oh, poo. Someone already thought of it.

[In May] the Congress for the New Urbanism [will] hold its national convention in Atlanta; it was organized with help from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention under the theme “New Urbanism: Rx for Healthy Places.”

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Census Workers Comin’ To Town

Didn’t send in your 2010 Census form?  Census workers are gonna come a knockin’.

From Decatur PD’s Juanchella Francis…

This email is sent to inform you that the U.S. Census Bureau will have census takers working in your jurisdiction as part of our Non-Response Follow Up operation.

For a period of 6 to 8 weeks, beginning on May 1, 2010, census takers will visit households that did not complete and return the census questionnaires that were to their residences. This Non-Response Follow-up operation will ensure that everyone in your jurisdiction is counted in the 2010 Census.

  • · Census takers are your neighbors (people from your community), hired by the Census Bureau, to go door-to-door and collect census information from residents who have not returned their 2010 Census forms.
  • · Census takers will contact residences up to 6 times, each time leaving a door hanger. The door hanger will have a phone number (404-239-2160) on it so that residents can call to schedule a visit and be counted.
  • · Census takers visiting households will have a black census bag as well as a 2 1/8” X 3 3/8” non-photo identification badge. (See attached)

Another Decatur Gas Leak. This Time on South Candler

UPDATE: WriterChad reports on Twitter…

gas line break on S. Candler St. in #decaturga wife spoke with authorities, threat contained.

The AJC posted this at 9:40a this morning.  Anyone know if South Candler is still closed?  I’ll check with DPD.

Decatur police are rerouting traffic on several Decatur streets while the workers try to cap a gas leak that started around 9:40 a.m. Wednesday.

Capt. Scott Richards said a stretch of South Candler was closed between Kirk Road and Broward Street. Police also closed Midway Road near its intersection with South Candler.

Richards said construction workers hit a gas line in the right-of-way, causing the leak.