Universal Joint To Become Applebee’s

Breaking News!  If you Oakhurstians won’t go to suburbia, then suburbia is coming to you!

Gary sends in this photo…

Feather Baby Opens Today

From Feather Baby’s Sude Dellinger…

My husband and I just moved our 4 year old triplets here a few weeks ago, and we absolutely love it!! We’re former New Yorkers, and we feel like there’s no better place in the world to raise smart, cool kids.

At Feather Baby, yes we’ve got some special hand-smocked pieces, but mostly it’s items within $20-$45 price range. There’s loads of ideas for gifts for expecting and new moms, so we’d love for everyone to come take a look. We’re giving away balloons and 15% off everything Feather Baby through the weekend, and we’d be grateful if you’d tell everyone to come say hello! We’re right across from the Grange/Marley.

Rep. Hank Johnson Worried Guam Will Tip Over

This video is making the rounds this morning and is NOT an April Fools joke.  Man oh man…

Johnson’s office told the AJC’s Jim Galloway that he was using “tip over” as a metaphor.

h/t: Fresh Loaf

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Winnona Park Elementary Online Auction and Raffle

Michele sends along the info for this year’s Winnona Park Elementary Online Auction and Fundraiser Raffle…

For the past several years, Decatur City School’s Winnona Park Elementary has held an auction in the spring to raise funds for the school. This year, the school will host an online auction and raffle. Both are open to the public.

The online auction component has dozens of items available for bidding, and will be open April 14 – 21. The public is invited to browse the auction site now and to bid after April 14, on some great donations from local businesses: trips, entertainment, classes, camps, restaurant vouchers and other items solicited from the Decatur/Atlanta area. Included are gift certificates from the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra, The High Museum of Art, Winspire Travel, The Center for Puppetry Arts, Elite Island Resorts, Dynamo Swim Club, Cakes & Ale, Wahoo!, Little Shop of Stories, Eddie’s Attic, and Decatur/DeKalb YMCA, Holiday Inn Decatur, Squash Blossom, Decatur Music Center, and much, much more.

To view the auction go to http://tinyurl.com/wpauction, enter the auction password WILDCATS2010 and register.

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Trust Me

UPDATE: All right, so here’s the skinny on this question.  Yesterday, Ben at Terminal Station referenced a great David Brooks article on general happiness and hypothetical trade-offs you could make in your life.  In addition to stating that the single most “injurious” activity to happiness is commuting, he stated …

If you want to find a good place to live, just ask people if they trust their neighbors. Levels of social trust vary enormously, but countries with high social trust have happier people, better health, more efficient government, more economic growth, and less fear of crime (regardless of whether actual crime rates are increasing or decreasing).

And apparently one of the best ways to gauge trust amongst a population is to ask the wallet question below.  Gallup did just such a poll of 170,000 Americans last October, and Utah and South Dakota ranked first with 85% of residents responding that they believed their neighbor would return a wallet with $200 in it.

Georgia ranked 45th among the 50 states (Southern states were some of the lowest of the bunch) with just 64% of people answering yes.

The verdict?  With over 90% of you having faith in your neighbor, you’re all a bunch of trusting, happy, healthy FREAKS!  At least compared to the state of Georgia.


More on why I’m asking this poll question later.  But for now, a little social experiment!