Clairemont Principal Not Returning Next Year

From an April 1st letter from Superintendent Edwards written to the parents, teachers and staff of the Clairemont community…

I am writing this letter to inform you that Dr. Graneze Scott will not be returning as principal for the upcoming school year.

In the next week or so, I will be advertising to fill the position.  As has been our custom over the years, I will ask the members of the School Leadership Team and some faculty members to serve on the interview committee.

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The Closing of Forrest Hills Elementary

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In light of the planned school closings in DeKalb, the AJC’s Bill Torpy reflects this morning on how the 2004 closure of Forrest Hills Elementary affected its surrounding community.

Formerly active residents and many young parents have moved away. Community gatherings have grown smaller. The recession makes the impact on property values hard to determine, but many residents believe they’ve been damaged. And the sense of neighborhood renewal and momentum that the effort to better its school fostered has diminished.