BB&T Bank Just North of Decatur Robbed This Morning, Suspect Apprehended

h/t: @DaveKell

Community Book Wheel!

Why go to the bookshelf when the bookshelf can come to you! (Or transport you to far away corners of a flat surface.)

The AsianCajuns send along this link, which demonstrates the odd versatility of a book wheel and ask…

How ’bout a circular walking bookshelf for our community version? Just imagine people taking a spin on one of those on the MARTA plaza while trying to avoid the stairs.

I can see the emails now.  “Hey DM.  Come get your dang book wheel off our patio!”  “Hey DM, thanks for making miss my kids soccer game.  Someone backed traffic all the way up to the Post Office because they couldn’t get back up Ponce to the Square in your silly book wheel!”

Finally, we’ve finally found a way to combine two of Decatur’s favorite things: books and transport!  Sure you could also just read a book on the train, but who the heck rides trains anymore? 🙂

Free-For-All Friday 4/30/10

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