Decatur Filming Rumors Busting Out All Over

UPDATE: An anonymous source says that the movie doing extensive filming at Agnes Scott is “Big Momma’s House 3” starring Martin Lawrence.

That seems to jive with this blurb on the plot of the third movie in the Big Momma trilogy.

After stints as an undercover grandmother and an undercover nanny, FBI agent Malcom Turner (Martin Lawrence) adds “undercover housemother” to his resume in the upcoming Big Momma’s House 3….Apparently, Big Momma is hired by the Headmistress of the Atlanta Girls’ School for the Arts. Why exactly the school needs an undercover housemother remains to be seen.

Two separate movie rumors are making the rounds today.

The first, from a super-secret tipster, is that the Farrelly Brothers’ movie “Hall Pass“, which has been all over Atlanta the past couple weeks, will be filming in Decatur on April 26th and 27th.  The city’s Cheryl Burnette tells DM the production company hasn’t yet contacted the city for a permit, but often times they wait until they’re closer to the filming date.

The other rumor isn’t actually a rumor at all.

Agnes Scott President Elizabeth Kiss announced in a lengthy email to the Agnes Scott community today that a new film will start shooting on the school’s campus beginning this week through the end of May.  President Kiss’ note explains that the film’s script has been reviewed by the college’s new Film Shoot Advisory Committee and that filming will not take place on-campus during Commencement.

Also, in addition to providing the college with “significant revenue”, the film company will pay for “long-needed repairs to the chandelier in Gaines Chapel and to cover the cost of placing a tent on the Science Quad for Commencement.”

She promises to announce the title of the film shortly. Until then, you can amuse yourself by looking for hidden clues in her full message after the jump.

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What Will Decatur Look Like in 10 Years?

DecaturNext just announced this morning that we are just 70 people away from having more people contributing in this year’s Strategic Planning process than during the 2000 Strategic Plan.  Take that younger versions of people I’m always seeing around town!

If you’re still a swinging, non-committed resident, you can still sign up to participate in the 2010 Strategic Plan discussions HERE.

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College Heights Cookbook Now Available

Aaron sends in this announcement…

The PTA’s Nutrition Committee is thrilled to present the 2010 College Heights Cook Book — “From A to Z.”  This year’s cook book is filled with great holiday recipes, summer treats, kid-friendly eats as well as a new section of activities you can do with your kids!

With the success of last year’s 2009 Cook Book Fundraiser, the PTA was able to implement a learning garden for our students and kitchen-skills workshops for the kitchen staff.  In 2010, we hope that you can continue to help support our endeavors in improving the nutritional value of our children’s meals and snacks and providing continual culinary and nutrition education for the staff by purchasing cook books for your households, friends and family members.

We have made it even easier by providing a Pay Pal account for you to make your donation through by following this link.   After you make your Pay Pal purchase you can pick up your cook book at the front desk or if you would prefer to pay cash via the front desk at school, as well.   Here is pricing information for the cook book.

  • 2010 Cook Book — “From A to Z” — $10 per unit

If you have any questions or would like to be a part of PTA’s Nutrition Committee efforts in anyway, please contact Aaron Marks at amarks2[at]  Again, thank you for your support!

Asst. Principal Derrick Thomas Promoted to Renfroe Principal

From the Superintendent’s Report for next week’s Decatur school board meeting…

I have met with members of the RMS SLT. They have discussed the opening at RMS for principal and decided to move in the direction which I requested; to promote Mr. Thomas as the Principal of RMS. I believe this will provide the continuity that the school personnel and parents will need. Mr. Thomas has proven to be an effective Assistant Principal and I have great confidence in his ability to do just as well as the Principal. Congratulations to Mr. Thomas. The RMS team of teachers, parents and Derrick will now proceed to hire an Assistant Principal through a posting and interview process.

CSD Board To Vote on Modifying Facility Use Fees

On the docket for next week’s Decatur School Board meeting (Action item “g”), “modify facility use fees effective April 1, 2010 by creating three categories of users.”

In short, the new, proposed categories are:

  1. Schools within the school district with the high school having the first priority of facility use.  Schools – other than the high school – would be allowed one event per calendar year.
  2. Second category would be entities that directly support our students such as PTA/PTO, boosters, Decatur Recreation After School Program, Farm-2-School, and DEF.  These entities would reimburse the district for custodial and technician overtime and FICA.  City-wide activities and/or events that directly involve City Schools of Decatur students such as the Decatur Book Festival would fall into the above category.
  3. All other entities would be in the third category subject to the facility use fees as approved by the board at the January 2010 meeting. The facility use fees account for actual maintenance and operating expenditures from fiscal year 2009 (custodians, utilities, and maintenance overhead). These fees would enable the district to be fully reimbursed for its costs.

Sounds like many non-profits would still fall under category 3.

In terms of how DHS’ rates compare to other area facilities of like size, the agenda item has this to say…

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2009 Decatur Crime Stats: Persons Crime Up, Property Crime Down

Yesterday, the Decatur Police Department released its official 2009 Department Review.  You can access the Word doc in full, HERE.

Above you’ll find the most sought after piece of info out of that document; Decatur’s 2009 crime stats.  While crimes against persons were up 7% in 2009 vs. 2008, property crimes declined 14%.

After the jump you’ll find charts showing the annual trend of crimes against persons and property in Decatur back to 2002.

Thanks to Steve for alerting me to the release!

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Is There Momentum To Get a Georgia Transportation Bill Passed?

Last year, transit trolls breathed a sigh of relief when the Atlanta Regional Commission stepped in and saved MARTA.  But at the same time, many worried that the “bailout” wasted a LOT of momentum.  Here’s how I summed it up last May

Pissed lawmakers were giving the inside scoop on committee meetings, MARTA was calling for special sessions, we had the House Majority Leader on record saying he went to Disney World more often than he rode MARTA (and therefore couldn’t see the benefits to his Isle of Retirement (St. Simons.)

Yesterday, a piece by CL’s Thomas Wheatley brought out worries that not enough is being done to revive that sort of fervor prior to the end of Georgia’s legislative session next week.  As if she was reading our calls for action, the AJC’s April Hunt comes through this morning with a recap of what’s still being done to get some form of “transportation bill” through the Georgia legislature.

A slew of action alerts from transportation advocates of different stripes have landed in e-mail accounts, exhorting people to call their legislators in favor of passing a bill. Lobbyists for the Metro Atlanta Chamber have headed to the state Capitol, concerned CEOs of big Georgia companies in tow, warning of the consequences of inaction. The Gwinnett Chamber of Commerce bused in 300 business people last week to hobnob with legislators and talk about the jobs to be created by expanding transportation — or to be forgone if legislation sputters out like last year and the year before. They wore buttons that said “New Transportation Funding: Finish the Job.” Now they’ve created a “Finish the Job” logo and launched a Facebook page.

You can join the “Finish the Job” Facebook page HERE.

Hunt also quotes Rep. Jay Roberts – the chair of the House transportation committee – as saying that his office “hasn’t been inundated” with responses to get a bill passed.

Well, here’s Mr. Roberts email address:  [email protected] Inundate away!