“Taste of Decatur” Not So Tasty

UPDATE: LivingSocial will issue automatic refunds to everyone who purchased “Taste of Decatur” tickets. Thank you DM commenter lumpintheroad for posting the refund notice in the comments below.


Wendy gives us a full report of what went down at the “Taste of Decatur” non-event yesterday.  Very similar to Dave’s report on InDecatur

As I noted on Twitter, I’m not sure the problems stemmed from the rain causing problems or if somehow the event was a scam but certainly -something- went wrong! I mean, I can’t -prove- either way, although my gut tells me scam. Some careful questioning of other ticket buyers, participating businesses and LivingSocial might reveal the answer.

I heard about the event for the first time through LivingSocial on Thursday and bought a ticket, thinking, wow, $5 (half off the $10 full price) for a tasting event at a couple dozen restaurants! Printed out the voucher Friday and went into Decatur today around noon. The fact I hadn’t heard about this event in advance didn’t bug me because there’s a lot going on in Decatur and it’s festival time in town, so lots of things I could easily have missed on calendars and media and Twitter communications.

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