Garlic Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar Opens Tomorrow

CORRECTION: Garlic Thai is NOT affiliated with Harry & Sons as I had originally stated.  This is Garlic’s first restaurant, though the General Manager has worked at several other restaurants in the Atlanta metro and in other states, according to an email I received this morning.

It may not even have a sign up yet, but AsianCajun Lauren Lee tells DM that Garlic Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar – in the old Little Azio space at 340 West Ponce de Leon Ave – will finally open to the mouths of the public tomorrow.

Decaturites and food junkies near and far have been anticipating this opening since late January, but renovations of the space took a couple months, and the siren call of Thai and sushi sort of diminished.

With its opening tomorrow, we will soon have a better sense of whether Garlic Thai will up the ante of Asian cuisine in the Decatur area.

If anyone is aware of a website, let us know!

Slight aside: At a slightly broader scale, it is impressive that a building almost completely vacant a few months ago is again almost completely chock-full of tenants.

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Courthouse parking deck to be painted?


Maybe possibly perhaps coming to Decatur soon: Extreme Makeover: Concrete Municipal Parking Lot Edition!

Lain Shakespeare reports one of the ideas discussed at this morning’s Decatur Strategic Plan Meeting was livening-up downtown by painting the courthouse parking deck, a.k.a. the tiered concrete bunker at Commerce and W. Trinity. He included in his note examples of similar projects elsewhere.

Just one substitute bloggers opinion, but why the heck not? As long as the deck is there, we should try to make the best use of it. At the moment, the deck isn’t just ugly, but also mostly empty at night. Some bright colors, a Banksy-ing, or even a Bob Ross-ing could reduce the ugliness although, honestly, I think the bad lighting and creepy stairwells contribute more to after-dark underuse than the deck’s drab exterior.

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Career fair today

There’s a career fair today from 11:00 A.M. to 3:00 P.M. at the Holiday Inn. Dress nice, bring a resume, and a 30 second pitch about why someone should hire you. WABE has more details.

Ex. “Hire me and I’ll blog all snarky-like for you.”

Now that I think of it, that pitch hasn’t been working out so well.

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One more ‘Taste of Decatur’ nibble

Linda Harris, Decatur’s assistant director of community and economic development, chimes in with the city’s official response to the Taste of Decatur kerfuffle.

The executive summary: 1. The event didn’t need a special permit because it was to take place on the properties of various local businesses 2. Ms. Harris would like you to e-mail your complaints about the event to her ([email protected]) so the city can address them.

Her entire letter after the jump.

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