Georgia Tranportation Bill: Past, Present & Future

Get on the bus!

The AJC has done it up over the past couple days with a series of articles both reflecting and projecting on the passage of the transportation bill at the Georgia State Capitol this past week.

First, self-proclaimed “Political Insider” Jim Galloway dishes on how Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed put his youngish reputation on the line and helped convince members of both parties that they should pass this “billion dollar kidney stone.”  (Ha!  That’s good stuff.)  A good primer in Georgia politickin’, if you like that sorta thing. Sicko.

Secondly, Ariel Hart does some intensive digging and churns out both a “Now what? What will they build?” report, and a more extensive “How will we F this up?” article.

Bottom line: Mayor Reed is a work horse, politics is petty, MARTA is thrown a bone for 3 years (but doesn’t deserve it OR deserves more), and the metro area could raise upwards of $790 million/year from the potential penny sales tax.

Let’s do this thing! (…in 3 years)