DeKalb Superintendent Terminated

From the AJC’s Megan Matteucci

The DeKalb County school board voted unanimously today to terminate superintendent Crawford Lewis.

“We invoked the termination for convenience,” board chairman Tom Bowen said. “The board and the superintendent mutually agreed this is what is best for the system to move forward.”

Lewis agreed to walk away with four months of severance pay – about $85,000, as outlined in his contract. The agreement allows Lewis, a DeKalb schools employee for 33 years, to retire, Bowen said.

The embattled Super was in the midst of an investigation into “wrong-doings” surrounding DeKalb school construction projects.

Kids, don’t try this at home.  Or at school for that matter.

Hundreds of Decatur Residents Turn Out For Decatur Strategic Plan Kick-Off

12 years ago, 500 people turned out for the creation of Decatur’s 2000 Strategic Plan.  As Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd noted at last night’s Strategic Plan Kick-Off meeting, “controversy” was Decatur’s greatest asset in 1998.  There was a lot of unfocused energy that needed directing.

Decatur in 2010 is in a very different place, thanks in large part to that 2000 plan.  While controversies still pop-up requiring serious consideration – and the occasional heated argument – in large part, the fruits of decade-old labor is a present-day citizenry, both content and proud of their community.

And often times, contentment breed’s laziness.  Not here.

Over 80% of the tasks in the 2000 Strategic Plan have either been completed, are planned for completion, or were followed through to their natural conclusion.  And I’m not just parroting the city when I say that.  I sat down with them and went through the 2000 plan line-by-line a couple weeks ago.

With so many tasks completed, what’s left to do?  That’s what the smaller groups will begin discussing in a couple weeks.   You can still sign up.

Video courtesy of DecaturNext

Earth Day in Oakhurst

From the Oakhurst Community Garden site

Join us for the 40th anniversary of Earth Day and a great chance for members of the community to come together and participate at the city’s OFFICIAL Earth Day Party! The event is absolutely FREE!

The celebration will kick off with a parade that will go from Harmony Park to the Community Garden site, beginning at 12:30 pm. We have an exciting array of events planned for children, youth and adults including:

  • Kids Crafts
  • Music including the Tessitura Drummers, Morgan Rowe, Sydney Rhame and others
  • A Live Raptor Show! (need we say more!)
  • Special Earth Day T-shirt contest
  • Checkin’ out the resident Chicks and Bees in the Garden
  • World Famous Cake Contest
  • Book Reading event
  • Earth Friendly Vendors
  • And MORE!

See the Full Schedule after the jump!

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AJC Packs Up & Heads OTP

On the AJC’s last official day in its Marietta Street office in downtown Atlanta, the New York Times gives it a little ink-love.

When The Atlanta Journal-Constitution moves into its new home next week, its employees will have access to free parking, more natural light and a wide variety of “retail, service and dining options” at Perimeter Mall, according to a memorandum from the newspaper’s publisher, Michael Joseph.

What The Atlanta Journal-Constitution will not have is a home in Atlanta.

A move out of Atlanta by the city’s only major newspaper raises an interesting larger question about the present media landscape: In a 21st century world of virtually free and easy communication, how important is office location?

Photo courtesy of Fresh Loaf

542 Church Street Done Gets Sold

Gene Kansas tweets DM with news regarding 542 Church Street…

Breaking News: Gene Kansas & Michael Dinerman close sale of 542 Church Street today for Pope & Land.

What will it be?!  What will it be?!  I’m trying to see if I can get any further details, but that’s probably the extent to what the agent can tell me.

Back in November, we dreamed it could become anything from a theater to a Trader Joe’s (of course).

Free-For-All Friday 4/16/10

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