Decatur Flash Mob Creates Strategic Plan in 45 Minutes

In celebration of tonight’s Strategic Plan Kick Off Meeting, a story from the Decatur Metro Fictional Desk…

In a move deemed “shocking” by city commissioners and staff, thousands of Decatur residents showed up in force on Wednesday evening at the intersection of Ponce de Leon Ave and Commerce Drive and hammered out a new 10-year Strategic Plan for the city in just 45 minutes.

Witnesses to the flash mob said that the estimated group of 1,500 residents “literally came out of nowhere”, descending on the chosen meeting spot from coffee shops, churches and bars.   Motorist Johnny Leadfoot sat stuck in traffic for over an hour as the swarm of residents argued and then quickly agreed to big picture issues like subsidized housing, greenspace initiatives and parking policies for the coming decade.

“I swear to God.  One minute I’m sitting at the light, contemplating running over a cyclist who just blew through through the red light, and the next minute there’s a wall of passionate policy wonks sitting in the street and discussing the merits of smart growth! This city is unreal!”

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Clifton Road Getting Bike Tattoos

By “bike tattoos” I actually mean “sharrows”.  What the heck’s a sharrow?  That’s a sharrow! —>

Diane sends in details about Clifton Road’s (from North Decatur Road to Briarcliff Road) newest bike-provement from Kathleen Sobush at the CDC…

There is a plan slated for implementation this summer to mark sharrows on Clifton Road and to install Bicycles Allowed Full Use of Lane signage (in accordance with Georgia code). A sharrow is an on street marking of a bicycle and two chevrons indicating the direction of travel as depicted below. There are standards guiding the placement of sharrows. They should be no more than 250 feet apart and no less than 4 feet from the curb. Within those standards there is room for adjustment based on the roadway conditions.

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Help Pretty Up the New Saturday Site of the Decatur Farmer’s Market

From the Oakhurst Message Board

We are having a work day this Saturday April 17th starting at 9 a.m. and going til around noon. We would love to have you join us in spreading mulch and general cleanup. Bring you gloves, shovels, rakes and wheelbarrows if you have them. Bring your friends, neighbors and family too! If you can come please send us an RSVP to Greg Coleson, [email protected] so we can have a idea of how many people to expect.

The site is at the corner of East Trinity Place and McDonough St. across from the Chick-fil-A and near Decatur High School.