BREAKING: Wordsmiths Books Could Go Under Without Help

Yikes…Wordsmiths looks to be under serious threat of closing.

How serious?

Read the store’s press release below and then head over to Wordsmiths blog to read it all firsthand from owner Zach Steele. But the gist of it is that the store’s old, expensive location on Trinity coupled with a recent big, unsuccessful event forced them to take on a lot of debt they can’t get out from under. As a last resort, Zach and crew have reluctantly launched a campaign to “save the bookstore”.

Wordsmiths Books launches urgent “Save Our Bookstore” Campaign

Wordsmiths Books, in Decatur, GA, home of such literary and musical powerhouse events as Amy Sedaris, Christopher Moore, Ani Difranco and Final Fantasy, today launched a campaign to rally attention and funds deemed “vitally necessary’ to save the bookstore that has become a community center of sorts for the literary arts in the city. In a post on Wordsmiths’ always-highly-active blog, citing the store’s previous off-the-beaten-path location’s momentous rent requirements and a recent big-name author event requiring a massive up-front investment that didn’t pan out as catalysts for the store’s current financial peril, store owner Zachary Steele writes “We need your help to save our bookstore. Beginning today, August 4th, and leading through a weekend fundraising event August 15th-August 17th, I am opening myself to your assistance. It doesn’t matter how small your contribution is-with enough help it will all add up in the end. If you want to offer $25, $50, $100, $200, anything at all, it can help.”

“At our new location, business has been steady, walk-in traffic consistent, sales are up and costs are down”, Steele continues. “Everything you want out of a business and everything it needs to be as long it’s not carting a debt that continually drains its resources. Given the opportunity to grow in our new location, given the opportunity to balance things out, we will thrive and continue to provide the entertainment and service that you have all come to appreciate. But we can’t get there without help. Your help in specific.” Wordsmiths Books Marketing Director Russ Marshalek is said to be in the process of crafting a three-day benefit weekend August 15-17, and is “encouraging any with suggestions or a willingness to participate to email him at [email protected]“. However. Steele stresses “if you wish to help, if you can help, I ask you do so immediately rather than waiting for the 15th to roll around.”

Potential donors of any amount are encouraged to either donate online by using the ‘Donate Now” button at, call the store at 404-378-7166 or simply stop in to the location at 545 N McDonough St, Decatur, GA 30030.

Wow…that would be a big blow to the city. If you love Wordsmiths and all it contributes to our community, now is the time to put your money where your mouth is.