What’s the Best Indoor Playspace in Atlanta?


Here’s something I was discussing with some folks over the weekend.  (Can you tell that I have an older child now?)

What’s your favorite indoor playspace in Atlanta?

Photo courtesy of Catch Air’s website, which incidentally was Best of Atlanta’s pick for Best Indoor Playspace in Atlanta in the recent Best of Atlanta awards.

Decatur Working To Bring More Shade to Square

pirates on the square

DM has learned that the city is looking to add more shade to Decatur Square.

Asst. City Manager Lyn Menne confirmed the city is working with local architect and artist Amy Landesberg to design a shade structure for the eastern end of the MARTA plaza.

Shade seems to be on the minds of event organizers of late.  Sun-shades were put up around the bandstand at this past weekend’s Art Festival.  It will be quite interesting to see what this structure looks like once plans are unveiled.

According to their website, Landesberg’s architecture firm, LP3 Architecture, also designed the plans for Fire Station #2 in Oakhurst and the renovations to the Decatur Recreation Center.

Decatur MARTA Plaza Piratepalooza photo courtesy of Christine (circa 2011)

New York Times Gives Decatur Some Love


The Old Grey Lady has given a nod to ol’ Decatur and some of its local businesses in the “Surfacing” column of its Travel section.   Here’s the summary…

Equal parts molasses-drawled Southern and au courant, Decatur, Ga., has in the last 20 years recast itself from the sleepy DeKalb County seat catering to commuting government nine-to-fivers to one of the South’s trendsetters. Residents say the township, six miles from Atlanta proper, is where “Mayberry meets Berkeley.” Bordered by Emory University and Agnes Scott College, Decatur is anchored by a late 19th-century courthouse (now the DeKalb History Center) and a leafy square dense with some of the state’s best restaurants, pubs and shops. The walkable downtown hosts more than three dozen festivals a year.

Do we really have more than three dozen festivals a year?

Lucky local spots, Decatur CD, Eddie’s Attic, Kimball House, Brick Store and Sq/Ft all get shout outs. Check it out!

Photo courtesy of Kate

Your Favorite Attractions Around Atlanta

With Decatur and DeKalb schools on Spring Break next week, many families are heading to the coast or the mountains for some R&R (not necessarily “rest & relaxation”, but “running & restlessness”).

However, others will stick around Atlanta and do something resembling a “staycation” in the city.  As such, it seems like a pretty good time to revisit this question – what are your favorite sights around Atlanta?  With or without kids.

Photo courtesy of Wikipedia

Halloween Open Thread!

It’s Halloween night, so here’s an open thread time to report all of your Halloween adventures!

As in years past, “Talk about your candy stomach ache, bumps in the night, or the cutest Halloween costume that came to your door.  It’s totally up to you.”

Best Atlanta Activities for a Rainy Day

This post is probably a couple of weeks late in coming, but I blame it on unseasonably rainy weather syndrome.

How have you been passing the time over the past few weeks in this Pacific Northwest climate?

Former Mayor Bill Floyd Recounts Recent “Social Media Miracle”

It seems like we could all really use a feel good story around here. This one comes from former Decatur Mayor Bill Floyd, who recounts a recent “Social Media Miracle” that he witnessed at the Brick Store Pub.

I am enjoying lunch at the Brick Store recently when a man–let’s call him “Tim”–walks in and asks one of the young ladies tending the bar to read the name on an American Express card he has just found on the street. He doesn’t have his glasses with him, so he needs help reading the small print. After some discussion about whether we can use the card to pay for my lunch :), Tim decides to search Facebook for the name. To my amazement, the name and a picture pop up. Tim posts a message on her Facebook page and waits. A few minutes later he decides to check in with some of the surrounding shops to see if they recognize the name on the credit card. As he walks down the street he sees a young woman with kids entering a car. He recognizes her from the Facebook picture. He taps on the window and holds up the card for her to see. She asks him, “Are you the one who just sent the message”? She has just looked for the card and has realized it is gone. The power of social media, a disaster for a young lady averted, and Tim is one of Decatur’s special Heroes!! THANKS TIM.