Sembler Killing 5 Seasons Brewhouse in Sandy Springs

I highly recommend traveling outside the city limits for the moment and reading this Creative Loafing article by Scott Freeman about how the clumsy, amoral monster that is the Sembler Company has nearly put 5 Seasons Brewhouse out of business due to their clash at the Prado location in Sandy Springs.

The money quote from 5 Seasons owner Dennis Lange, “Simply put, Five Seasons is worth more to Sembler ‘dead than alive’ because Five Seasons is ‘in the way’ of Sembler maximizing its profits at The Prado.”

Not only do they propagate a perverted version of smart growth around Atlanta, but they also kill local business in the process! What efficiency!

Decatur Book Festival Insert in Today's AJC

With so many authors and events, anyone serious about attending this year’s Decatur Book Festival needs a field guide days ahead of time. Of course you could just go to their detailed website, but unless you plan on lugging the laptop around and utilizing free Decatur wi-fi, you won’t have anything comprehensive readily on-hand.

Well, today’s the day to get a jump on the bookworm competition.  Get out there a pick up a copy of the AJC for a full rundown, which includes an 8 page pullout with schedules and maps.  Also I noticed that there’s a couple coupons in there, one for Raging Burrito (free entree) and another for a selection of Festival booksellers (10% off).

Of course you could just wait until next Saturday and pick up the insert at the festival, but trust me, if you do that prepare to be seriously overwhelmed by the selection.

See you there!

Oh and P.S. – Note that Ty Pennington canceled at the last minute, which means he’s still in all of the paraphernalia.  But he won’t be there.  Sorry.  If you’re in the mood for hunky carpenters next weekend, you’ll have to satiate your desire with a little HGTV before heading into town.