Decatur Condo Alliance Opens Its Doors

Aimee writes in with news about the nearly year-old Decatur Condo Alliance that meets monthly to share ideas and provide mutual support on all things condo. As Aimee tells it, the Alliance is currently made up of residents from the big 7 midrise condos in Decatur, but will soon be opening its doors to all types of condo owners around the city.

A few more details from Aimee…

Beginning with our Thursday, September 11th meeting, we are opening the membership to any condo resident of whatever type of condo complex – including town homes, who is interested to find out what we are doing and to help to shape our conversations and activities.

The Sept. 11th meeting will be held at the Decatur Rec Center at 7pm.

Maybe if we created a “Decatur Neighborhood Alliance” we could then take out any pent up animosity towards each other in competitive, citywide games of Capture the Flag!

“I hate your smug density!” “I hate your self-righteous yard signs!”

(Actually, in all seriousness…that sounds really fun)

Here Comes the Rain

Here comes all that rain we’ve been hoping/praying for.

Now we just need to cross our fingers that the trees stay up and the power stays on. I swear, all it needs to do is cloud over these days and we lose power. But luckily, I think someone in the neighborhood owns a majority share in Georgia Power, because those trucks show up pretty darn fast.

Warning: You cannot view the Mavericks music video above without electrical power.

Original Owner Promises to Return Crescent Moon to "Its Previous Stature"

Only on Decatur Metro!  (Yes, I know I’m a hack…)

Former and original owner of Crescent Moon, Rob Atherholt, recently wrote in to the previous post regarding the restaurant’s Chapter 11 filing and gives us hope for the future.

“Hi to everyone- I was just informed of the blog. This is Rob the founder and former operator of Crescent Moon. I am sad that the purchasers have destroyed the name I worked so hard to build for 13 years. The Chapter 11 filing will most likely revert the lease back to me and I will make sure that the restaurant returns to its previous stature.
The judge will decide what happens. I may have to change the name. Be on the look out!”

Great news!

How Do You Remove This Much Kudzu?

Cemetary Woodlands - photo courtesy of City of Decatur
Cemetery Woodlands - photo courtesy of City of Decatur

That will be just one of the questions addressed this evening at city hall from 6:30p-8p during the Decatur Cemetery Master Plan Meeting.

Here are the details…

Monday, August 25, 2008, 6:30 p.m. to 8 p.m. This a workshop to discuss options for restoration of the 10-acre woodland area of the Cemetery property behind Glendale Avenue. Topics include removal of kudzu and other invasive plants, new plantings, stream bank protection and restoration, storm drainage, options for protecting and improving wildlife habitat.

There’s already been some vocal opposition for plans to include a mulch trail in the currently inaccessible 10 acres of woodland (see above pic) from adjacent Glendale residents. See the proposed path here.

David over at InDecatur did a great job of covering resident opposition to the mulch path at a meeting back in May.  In summary, it sounds like Glendale residents would rather have overlooks instead of trails into the woods.