Cakes & Ale Moving; Opening Bakery

This rumor has been floating for a while.  Especially after Kaleidoscope closed, but that idea died on the vine.  Looks like Cakes and Ale is ready to move and expand.  Twitter to retweeting this news like crazy.  Atlanta Magazine’s Bill Addison got the scoop.  He tweets

Big news: Cakes & Ale is moving to slightly larger space in Decatur and opening a bakery helmed by Cynthia Wong. More deets soon #DecaturGa

Where are they moving?  What KIND of bakery?

I want deets!!  (And when I get them, I will post!)

4 thoughts on “Cakes & Ale Moving; Opening Bakery”

  1. This is good news! They must be thriving. Now, if y’all Cakes & Ale folks read DM, please make the new place quieter. I love your food, but haven’t come back after our first visit because it was just too loud. Please, please add some soft surfaces to your new place so diners can have a conversation over dinner.

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