48 Hours in Atlanta….GO!

It ain’t even March yet, but Steve points to this new article in the “April issue” of National Georgraphic entitled, “48 Hours in Atlanta” by the Atlanta Mag Food Editor Bill Addison.  There’s this rather clever observation at the beginning..

“People tend to forget that Atlanta is young compared to other American cities,” says author and illustrator Tray Butler, a Georgia native. “New York was founded 200 years earlier. Even Sunbelt superstars like Charlotte or Houston are technically our older siblings. What we have is a youthful exuberance, a kind of rebellious spirit, and yes, some growing pains. Atlanta is like a teenager: It can’t stop changing.”

Both Cakes & Ale and its homestead of Decatur get mentions – with the old “Decatur is to Atlanta as Berkeley is to…”.  You know the rest.

Addison has a lot for you to take on in your 48 hour stay.  MLK National Historic Site!  Little Tart Bakeshop!  Inman Park!  Billy Reid!  Miller Union!  Oakland! High! Dad’s!

Anything missing?  Beltline?  Piedmont Park?

Updated: Asheville’s “Chai Pani” Signs Lease for Old Watershed Space

UPDATE: No longer a rumor.  Chai Pani confirmed it on their Twitter page HERE.


Michael points out this Atlanta Mag food critic Bill Addison tweet

Heard that @chaipani, which rocks Mumbai-style street food & thalis in Asheville, just signed a lease on Watershed’s old Decatur space. #yes

Nothing yet on Chai Pani’s Twitter page or website.

Is this Asheville’s trade to Decatur for the recent news that Farm Burger – which is located in the same building as the old Watershed space – would be opening a 4th location in Asheville?

Regardless, great news for the Decatur restaurant scene and the West Ponce streetscape!

More Details on The Pinewood Tippling Room

Michael points out this new post on Bill Addison’s Atlanta Magazine blog

Ten days ago Decatur Metro first reported the brown paper covering the windows of the former Cakes & Ale space that revealed the name (and Twitter handle) of its new tenant: Pinewood. And last night Brad Kaplan tweeted that Julia LeRoy will be consulting chef.

Here’s some more info: Its full name is Pinewood Tippling Room, so expect as much emphasis on drink as on food. T. Fable Jeon, who has worked as several bars around town and was most recently associated with the Lawrence, will head the gastropub’s bar program. And LeRoy will be devising a list of updated Southern classics, including a riff on fried bologna sandwiches. Still no exact timing on the opening (is there ever, really?), but expect a launch late spring. Take a gander at the full press release below. H/T to Ms. Besha Rodell for the info…

Read the full press release over at Addison’s site.

Cakes & Ale Deemed 3rd Best Restaurant in Atlanta

The new issue of Atlanta Magazine is out – at least in the fish-wrap edition – with the top 50 restaurants in the metro Atlanta area according to food writer Bill Addison.

In it, he ranks Decatur’s Cakes & Ale #3, behind only Bacchanalia and Restaurant Eugene.  Here’s a blurb…

Lately Allin has taken more risks. The ingredients still lead, by the flavor combinations and depth of technique bring more thrills.  A riff on vitello tonnato married buttery slices of cold poached pork loin to a mayonnaise infused with escolar, an oily fish.  An arugula, fennel, and celery salad curtailed the richness.  Mediterranean gusto inspired a platter of lamb saddle for two with braised pole beans, herbed fregula (a larger cousin to couscous), tomato, and think, minted yogurt as a rustic sauce.  I can hardly imagine better lamb, – not too gamy, not too mild, cooked to a blush.

Other Decatur area restaurants on the distinguished list of 50?  Community Q BBQ, Taqueria del Sol, and Watershed (with the intro – “Sensational news: Watershed is once again a destination restaurant.).

New Ford Fry Restaurant To Be Called “no. 246”

Atlanta Magazine’s restaurant/food critic Bill Addison just wrote in and reported that Ford Fry’s publicist just confirmed to him that the name of his new restaurant being built-out in the old Eurasia space (see the previous post) will be called “no. 246”, taken from the property’s lot number.  Guess a numbers name isn’t a huge surprise, since Fry has previously said they’re taking inspiration from San Fran’s A16.

On Twitter, Addison says that they’re currently projecting an April open.

Photo courtesy of Andisheh

Cakes & Ale Moving; Opening Bakery

This rumor has been floating for a while.  Especially after Kaleidoscope closed, but that idea died on the vine.  Looks like Cakes and Ale is ready to move and expand.  Twitter to retweeting this news like crazy.  Atlanta Magazine’s Bill Addison got the scoop.  He tweets

Big news: Cakes & Ale is moving to slightly larger space in Decatur and opening a bakery helmed by Cynthia Wong. More deets soon #DecaturGa

Where are they moving?  What KIND of bakery?

I want deets!!  (And when I get them, I will post!)