New Bakery Now Open on Clairmont Road Just North of Decatur

You may have recently noticed a new sign up for “Lion Tamer Bread” in the T’Kila’s plaza along Clairmont Road just north of Decatur.

The bread is already available at area markets, including Oakhurst Market, Candler Park Market, The Dinner Shoppe and Splash of Olive.  Now the business has opened a brick and mortar location at 1248 Clairmont Road.

According to the bakery’s Facebook page, they opened this past Friday with four breads…

1. the traditional white sourdough
2. blonde – same flours as the white, plus wheat germ + dark rye
3. 30% rye – like deli rye but with more rye flavor + caraway seeds
4. whole wheat/oat porridge with molasses

Sounds delish!

Photo courtesy of Lion Tamer Bread Facebook page

Sugar Moon Bakery Opening in Oakhurst

There has been at least one inquiry here about a new bakery opening in Oakhurst, next to Kavarna.  Peter wrote in yesterday and gave us the name, Sugar Moon Bakery, and wondered if we knew anything else about it.

Unfortunately, I can’t find a thing online about this intriguing new spot in the ‘Hurst.  So hopefully someone out there in DM land has some clue and will fill us in!

Please!  “Bakery” can mean SO many things.

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New Cakes & Ale Bakery Will Sell Fresh Bread

Cakes & Ale co-owner Kristin Allin’s recent comment in response to many of your comments about the restaurant’s planned bakery deserves its own post.

Yes, we’re still working out some details but we will have fresh bread for sale and also sandwiches on our house made bread for lunch. We are very excited about the bakery and the expanded cooking capabilities this will give Cakes and Ale with the addition of a wood burning oven!

Cakes & Ale Moving; Opening Bakery

This rumor has been floating for a while.  Especially after Kaleidoscope closed, but that idea died on the vine.  Looks like Cakes and Ale is ready to move and expand.  Twitter to retweeting this news like crazy.  Atlanta Magazine’s Bill Addison got the scoop.  He tweets

Big news: Cakes & Ale is moving to slightly larger space in Decatur and opening a bakery helmed by Cynthia Wong. More deets soon #DecaturGa

Where are they moving?  What KIND of bakery?

I want deets!!  (And when I get them, I will post!)