More Details on The Pinewood Tippling Room

Michael points out this new post on Bill Addison’s Atlanta Magazine blog

Ten days ago Decatur Metro first reported the brown paper covering the windows of the former Cakes & Ale space that revealed the name (and Twitter handle) of its new tenant: Pinewood. And last night Brad Kaplan tweeted that Julia LeRoy will be consulting chef.

Here’s some more info: Its full name is Pinewood Tippling Room, so expect as much emphasis on drink as on food. T. Fable Jeon, who has worked as several bars around town and was most recently associated with the Lawrence, will head the gastropub’s bar program. And LeRoy will be devising a list of updated Southern classics, including a riff on fried bologna sandwiches. Still no exact timing on the opening (is there ever, really?), but expect a launch late spring. Take a gander at the full press release below. H/T to Ms. Besha Rodell for the info…

Read the full press release over at Addison’s site.

7 thoughts on “More Details on The Pinewood Tippling Room”

  1. Ok. I take whatever I said before about this place back. Chef Julia LeRoy is pretty great. You may remember her from the Bookhouse Pub on Ponce.

    More foodie love.

    1. I’ve been hearing about a Bookhouse-affiliated spot in Decatur for awhile, so this must be it! Really excited…Bookhouse is one of our favorite spots in town. One can only hope this location will be Twin Peaks-inspired as well.

    1. At the first restaurant I worked at, I believe the “consulting chef” was the guy they brought the steak to when someone sent it back because it wasn’t cooked right. I will refrain from saying how he fixed the problem. Suffice it to say that his solution worked whether the steak was supposedly undercooked or overcooked. I hope that’s not what “consulting chef” means in Decatur, though if it does then my original thought about the definition of “tippling” may be more appropriate than I thought 😉

      Don’t mind me, moving on now…

    2. consulting chefs typically help define a restaurant’s culinary concept and develop its menu. for example Richard Blais was the consultant chef for Flip Burger, bringing his bag of molecular gastronomy tricks and creative flavor combinations to the menu.

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