New Ford Fry Restaurant To Be Called “no. 246”

Atlanta Magazine’s restaurant/food critic Bill Addison just wrote in and reported that Ford Fry’s publicist just confirmed to him that the name of his new restaurant being built-out in the old Eurasia space (see the previous post) will be called “no. 246”, taken from the property’s lot number.  Guess a numbers name isn’t a huge surprise, since Fry has previously said they’re taking inspiration from San Fran’s A16.

On Twitter, Addison says that they’re currently projecting an April open.

Photo courtesy of Andisheh

21 thoughts on “New Ford Fry Restaurant To Be Called “no. 246””

    1. 246 is taking over a space that had been renovated into a pretty nice restaurant not too long ago, whereas C&E is doing more etensive renovations on a property that hadn’t really been touched in some time. At least that’s my take on it.

        1. And also doing it all in conformance with strict historic preservation standards, which will earn nice tax credits.

  1. By the way. The new chief is from Floataway on Zoonolite. Easily one of the best restaurants in Atlanta the last several years

  2. Talented designer Smith Hanes will be doing the interior ( He did JCT Kitchen too ).Ran into him at Scott Antique Market buying cool old light fixtures. Should be a great space.

  3. If this place opens by the end of April, I will buy everyone a drink there.

    Ain’t gonna happen. It always takes longer than they think. I say by July.

  4. I wasn’t real impressed with the place on the Westside that I cannot think of the name of right now, but I will give the place in Decatur a chance.

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