A Look Back at 2009

OK, let’s do this thing!

In January, we first learned that the Brick Store Pub had been named the #2 beer bar by Beer Advocate, that Mayor Floyd was 1 of 100 most influential Georgians, that APD messed up the details in the Standard shooting, that the DeKalb Farmer’s Market was no longer accepting ANY returns (enjoy that smelly shrimp!), I worried about the end of newsprint, the city gave up on any large-scale annexation plans for at least 3 years, Daren Wang and friends launched Agnes Writes after cutbacks at Margaret Mitchell, and a fire destroyed Trackside and 5th Earl.

In February, Daren Wang proposed an auction of Leon’s first pint to help Trackside and 5th Earl fire victims and it went for a jaw-dropping $2,650, we celebrated Atlanta Time Machine, we worried about an armed robbery in Oakhurst, we worried about Atlanta’s economic future, we smirked as annexation brought neighborhoods outside Decatur together, we talked about how much trash we put out every week, we had our first of many zombie invasions, I implemented threaded comments on DM, we marvelled at 335 W. Ponce’s plastic bag art, Duany dissed Decatur, and Decatur’s Wi-Fi was “completed“.

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Conservation Groups Buying Up Land While the Getting Is Good

Looking back on it, few should be surprised that preservation efforts, both historic and environmental, were so aggressive prior to 2008.  The construction industry, which single-handedly does more to alter the natural and urban landscape than any other entity, was building at an artificially fast pace, boosted by demand that really wasn’t there.

So it should also be no surprise that in a post-boom era, conservation groups are making up for lost time, buying up land for a fraction of the price it once demanded.

From the New York Times

The victories [for conservation groups] reveal a green lining of sorts in a credit crisis that has depressed real estate prices, spawned foreclosures and derailed development projects across the nation.

The purchases by conservationists and state and local governments assure that thousands of acres will be put aside in perpetuity for parks, watershed protection or simply preservation of open space.

“We are getting a second bite at properties that never should have been developed in the first place,” said Will Rogers, president of the Trust for Public Land, a national nonprofit group that buys land for preservation. “We are working on dozens of these deals across the country, and I know other land trusts are as well.”

Does Decatur Wi-Fi Work with Mobile Devices?

If it does, I haven’t figured out how to make it work with an iPod Touch yet.

I can get to the Decatur Wi-Fi access page, but then I can’t click any of the buttons.  Has anyone ever had success connecting to Decatur Wi-Fi with ANY mobile device?

Is it just an issue with the free access?  Do I need a monthly subscription?

Twisted Taco Coming To Emory Village?

The “Quick Bites” section in this week’s Atlanta Intown paper whispers…

Rumor has it that Twisted Taco is planning to open a new location in the old Emory University bookstore space in Emory Village in the spring.  Watch its web site at www.twistedtaco.com for updates.