Atlanta Time Machine Rules

Though I’ve used Atlanta Time Machine as a resource since grad school, it wasn’t until my foray into blogging that I realized I was hardly the only one that loves this website.

As the AJC tells it, for years now Decatur resident Greg Germani has collected thousands of interesting historic photos of the Atlanta urban environment – many of which come from GSU’s photo collection – and posted them on his website,  But the real value of Germani’s site is the context he provides along with the photos.  In addition to an address, which isn’t always provided on the GSU site, Germani also usually writes a little blurb about the pic and if your lucky even provides his own “after” picture that shows the photographed site in the present day.

Photos range from aerial views, to streetscapes, to individual buildings.  Its truly an invaluable resource to those with a love or interest in Atlanta’s history.

For even more info on Atlanta Time Machine, check out Rusty (yes this Rusty) and Amber’s  interview with Germani on their Mostly ITP podcast from 2006.

P.S.  And for those with a Decatur bias, below are a few links to Decatur-specific before-and-afters on ATM.  Also check out the Next Stop…Decatur blog, where Dennis Whitfield often posts historic pics of our fair city.

McConnell’s in Downtown Decatur

403 West Ponce de Leon Ave

Citgo @ 527 East College Ave

Suburban Shopping Center

Maddy’s Barbeque


East Courthouse Square

Decatur Skyline from Birdi’s Roof

Decatur Post Office

Decatur Depot

East Howard @ Barry St