Fire Destroys Trackside Tavern, 5th Earl Sustains Heavy Damage

UPDATE V: One of the 5th Earl owners, David, checks in and promises to come back “stronger and better than before” in the comments section.

UPDATE IV: Ali Laipple has posted a gallery of photos of the damage on her Facebook page.  Click the pic below to view.

h/t: InDecatur

Photo Courtesy of Ali Laipple's Facebook Page

UPDATE III: Paula provides a cell phone pic of the Trackside damage.  Can’t see inside, but windows are shattered and there is definitely a lot of damage…


UPDATE II: According to the Fire Dept, Trackside was destroyed by the fire.  Asst. City Manager Lyn Menne reports…

“The fire department reports that 5th Earl did receive smoke and water damage and additional structural damage because of a shared roof system. Trackside was destroyed. No word on insurance yet or the cause of the fire but we’ll keep you posted and no information about whether there wasmoke damage at Bistro Box or Wiggle. The Decatur community rallied behind our local businesses during similar disasters on Church Street and later at College Avenue and hopefully they will rise to the occassion again.”

See Lyn’s full comment below.

Trackside is a Decatur institution.  I echo Lyn’s hope that we can again pull together to help revive these Decatur businesses.

UPDATE I: Eyewitness reports from residents (in the comments section) seem to indicate that both Trackside and 5th Earl took major hits from this fire.

First on DM…

I’ve gotten two reports this morning thus far about a fire in the Trackside/5th Earl building along College Ave.  Not yet sure which establishments were affected.  Bistro in a Box and Wiggle are also located in that building.

Hope all are safe.

Stay tuned.