2018 Oakhurst Porchfest: Which Streets Are Participating So Far?

One month ago, we announced our Block Captain effort for this year’s Oakhurst Porchfest. The idea is simple: We carved the neighborhood into 32 zones. Within each, we need a minimum of two neighbors to help keep an eye on things as Block Captains. Once they register, that zone becomes eligible to participate in this year’s event.

We’re now halfway through our registration period and, conveniently, halfway to our goal of full participation.

Here’s how our event area is presently shaping up (click image for larger view). The 16 zones in green are GO for participation. Remaining zones still need to rally.

Block Captain registration ends Friday, July 27. Zones signed-up by that time will comprise our official boundaries for 2018.

Don’t miss out. If you’re in Oakhurst and want your street to participate this year, get with your neighbors and get a crew together. Everything you need for registration is here.

2018 Oakhurst Porchfest: Block Captain Sign-Ups Launch Today

Since we started the Oakhurst Porchfest in 2015, we’ve tried to cultivate a radically generous celebration of music and community self-run by the Oakhurst neighborhood. A day where neighbors, collectively and as individuals, take full ownership of their streets and extend an open invitation to whomever wants to drop by.

By most accounts, it’s been well received. But with success comes growing pains, particularly in terms of crowds. So this year, at the request of our friends at the Decatur Police, we’re instituting an extra layer of oversight: Block Captains.

Think of them as a neighborhood-wide battalion of hyperlocal overlords. Mayors of Good Vibes, helping to make each street’s experience more unique, accessible, and responsive to the inevitable challenges that come with an event of our size.

We’ve carved the neighborhood into 32 zones — streets or parts of streets where neighbors are likely to know each other. Each zone will become eligible to participate in Porchfest once a minimum of two resident Captains have established a local presence.

You can sign-up more than two and split the shifts as you wish but two’s the minimum. And keep in mind, serving as a Block Captain doesn’t preclude being a porch host. Many folks may choose to do both.

The job description is pretty simple, and consistent with a role many folks have already played informally in years past:

  • Coordinate in advance with your fellow Block Captain(s); establish shifts;
  • Encourage neighbor-initiated efforts like decorating, traffic management, etc;
  • Help clear crowd obstructions and/or temporarily direct traffic as necessary during the event;
  • Make sure performances don’t occur outside their assigned time or exceed allowable volumes;
  • Keep booze access in check;
  • Serve as a point person for Decatur Police.

Ready to help take Porchfest to the next level? Then start talking with your neighbors and get a crew together. Sign-ups are now live so find your zone and register today. Any zone that signs up becomes eligible to participate in this year’s event.

Everything you need can be found here.

Sydney Rhame Just Took the Last Open Slot in “The Voice” Blind Auditions

Screen Shot 2015-10-05 at 10.10.15 PM

Decatur’s Sydney Rhame just closed out the last episode of “The Voice” blind auditions by capturing the last open slot on Pharrell Williams’ team.

And if you happened to miss it, you can watch it below!!

Congrats Sydney!!

“There’s a Chance” Smith’s Olde Bar Could Move to Decatur

smiths olde bar

An article in the AJC today reports that Smith’s Olde Bar was granted a lease extension through the end of the year, after owner Dan Nolen was able to renegotiate with the current landlord of its Morningside location before it was put on the auction block on August 28th.

That’s good news for the iconic Atlanta music venue for the time being and Nolen is clear that he hopes to stay at the original location for years to come. But if things don’t work out, there’s also a little something in the article to get Smith’s fans who live around Decatur a bit excited, albeit a bit prematurely.  Bolding is mine…

“There are some new developments in town that have approached us about if we leave, they’d love to have Smith’s. There’s a chance we’d go to Decatur. But that’s all speculation,” Nolen said. “Moving Smith’s would be like moving the Alamo! I’ve got a third of my life invested here. People have met their spouses here. We’ve helped bands achieve superstardom here. It would be very hard to take what we’ve got and duplicate it. But I don’t anticipate that being the case.”

Any thoughts on where Smith’s could set up shop around these parts?

Photo courtesy of Google Streetview

Mead Road Mardi Gras Makes Its Way Through Oakhurst This Saturday

Mead Rd. Mardi Gras#1

Emily sends along info for this Saturday’s Mead Road Mardi Gras.  She notes, “Oakhurst has quietly established its own Mardi Gras tradition for the past 10 years.”

Folks who’d like to participate should “grab your beads, decorate your bike, scooter or soap box derby car and come second line as we bring a little bit of Carnival to Decatur.”  Proceeds from food and beer sales at The Imperial after the parade will be donated to support the Decatur Education Foundation music grants.

Here are a few more pertinent details.

Saturday February 7th is the date!  The fun begins at Fifth Avenue 4/5 Elementary on Oakview Road @ at 1pm.   There will be face painting and float decorating and general merrymaking.  Beads will be provided and costuming is encouraged!

The parade steps off at 2pm and we’ll march up Oakview to Mead Road then on to The Imperial, at the corner of Mead and West College.

The Imperial will feature a special menu of red beans and rice, chicken and sausage gumbo and jambalaya.  Proceeds from food and beer sales will be donated to support Decatur Education Foundation music grants for the Decatur City Schools.

More photos from previous year’s parades courtesy of Emily after the jump!

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That Loud, Elusive Neighbor Friday Night was the 420 Fest

In case anyone didn’t catch this in FFAF over the weekend, there was a rather funny phenomenon taking place all over Decatur on Friday night, with many residents asking themselves and their relations, “What is that music playing one street over?!  Really the nerve of some people!”  Here’s a taste of the comments made here…

“we were convinced it was a neighbor a street over having a party.”, said Nubbs.

“Could have sworn it was coming from 3rd. But it was definitely a band and it was loud.” said Oakhurstmama.

“We are way up in NW Decatur and my daughter couldn’t fall asleep because of the noise.” lamented AHID.

“we are on melrose and it was sound loud we assumed it was someone on parkwood having a big party.”

“Live near thinking man tavern and it could be heard inside our house.”

So what was this phantom party that could be heard all over Decatur, but even “the police were saying that they were having difficulty finding the source.”?

As it turns out, it was mostly likely George Clinton and Parliament Funkadelic playing all the way over in Candler Park at the 420 Fest!  It sure is crazy how far sound can travel given the right conditions and the decibel level!

Eddie Owen is Out at Eddie’s Attic

I was trying to give the parties involved time to respond, but it looks like the word is out.   Eddie Owen announced via Facebook this morning that he was let go from Eddie’s Attic on Friday.

Owen had returned to the Attic last November, after a brief departure.

Note: Eddie’s Attic is a DM sponsor