Hi-Tech Gas Station Currently Closed

Owlish writes in…

Hi Tech service station [Gas ‘n’ Gulp zombie film location], corner of E Ponce & N Candler is closed with entrances roped off. Looks like everything has been moved out. Amusing note on the pumps.

Now does that mean it’s permanently closed?  Well, you’ll just have to determine that for yourself as I’m not going to assume anything about business closings anymore!

I’ll say that when I drove by the other day, I recall thinking, “It looks like they’re still stripping the place”, but there was still action going on in the garage bays, so I just chalked it up to modifications or something.

Hi-Tech Continues To Add Fake Brands To Collection

I’m not sure why Hi-Tech is keeping all of its recent movie signage up – unless it’s attempting to become a major stop on some non-existent Decatur Movie Bus Tour – but god help any unsuspecting driver who pulls in to our eccentric gas station for a fill up.

Marla sends in these pics posted on Photobucket…

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Zombies Rehab Hi-Tech Gas Station

Scott sends in a pic of our newly redesigned Hi-Tech gas station, courtesy of Zombieland Pictures.

I gotta believe its not permanent.  What a strange property.


Warning: Zombies Attack Hi-Tech Gas Station March 2nd/3rd

As a resident of North Candler St, Andrew recently received a letter from Sony Pictures alerting him that scenes from the upcoming film “Zombieland” would be shot at our own lovely Hi-Tech Gas Station on March 2nd and 3rd.

According to Sony’s letter, the “action/comedy” movie stars Jesse Eisenberg, Woody Harrelson, Superbad’s Emma Stone and Abigail Breslin and is “the story of one man’s search for love in a world run amuck with…you guessed it…zombies!”

In addition to filming at Hi-Tech, a short scene will also be filmed at the intersection of N.Candler and Sycamore.  This will require the closure of N. Candler between E. Howard and Sycamore for approximately 4 hours.

If I’ve said it once, I’ve said it a thousand times – we must stop arguing over development and address our rampant zombie population!  Forget C-2/R-60!  Smart growth ain’t all that smart when you got no brains!