Garlic Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar Opens Tomorrow

CORRECTION: Garlic Thai is NOT affiliated with Harry & Sons as I had originally stated.  This is Garlic’s first restaurant, though the General Manager has worked at several other restaurants in the Atlanta metro and in other states, according to an email I received this morning.

It may not even have a sign up yet, but AsianCajun Lauren Lee tells DM that Garlic Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar – in the old Little Azio space at 340 West Ponce de Leon Ave – will finally open to the mouths of the public tomorrow.

Decaturites and food junkies near and far have been anticipating this opening since late January, but renovations of the space took a couple months, and the siren call of Thai and sushi sort of diminished.

With its opening tomorrow, we will soon have a better sense of whether Garlic Thai will up the ante of Asian cuisine in the Decatur area.

If anyone is aware of a website, let us know!

Slight aside: At a slightly broader scale, it is impressive that a building almost completely vacant a few months ago is again almost completely chock-full of tenants.

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15 thoughts on “Garlic Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar Opens Tomorrow”

      1. Thanks guys! And while I may be back, in the sense that I have reliable internet, AN is still most definitely “on the job”. I just put this post up in a spare moment.

        I’ll be in and out over the next few days I suspect. And the longer-term plan is for AN to continue to contribute to the site from time to time even after I return “full time”. Very exciting!

  1. hopefully they do a little better job than the harry & son’s health inspection:

    Harry And Sons – 820 North Highland Avenue – Fulton County
    Inspection: U (46 points)(3/18/10)
    The report says sushi was not at the proper temperature. Plus, employees were not wearing gloves while touching ready to eat food and the report also says the restaurant should only use rodent containment units for pest control.

    At least the re-inspection was a 93. But, sort of freaked me out from eating there again after the really bad initial review!

    1. that being said…i’m always excited to see new businesses open in Decatur & wish them well! I really wish it was something other than thai/sushi though since that’s sort of covered a few times in downtown decatur.

  2. Just returned from a delightful lunch at Garlic. Enjoyed a very tasty pad prik pork lunch special, with soup, for $8. The folks who run the joint are as pleasant as can be, and the wait staff is attentive and professional (if a little nervous). The dining room is finished with blond wood and granite tabletops in the booths, which look roomy enough for six. I’m looking forward to having dinner and cocktails there.

  3. Joined a few friends for dinner on Wednesday and love this place. I had the choo chee salmon – amazing. Others ordered roast chicken, pad pik, paneag (sp), sushi and we all shared basil rolls and satay (chick and beef). Great service and food, I’ll go back soon.

  4. Are we sure it’s owned by the Harry & Sons people? Just got an email from someone on the CDC listserv saying it was opened by the former manager of Surin.

    1. I don’t know who owns it, Judy, but I had an excellent lunch there today. My Pad Thai was delicious and fresh-tasting, others at my table had duck curry (smelled heavenly), grilled chicken, and a beautifully presented sushi plate. The service was attentive and prompt, and the owner came by to welcome us. It was a particular pleasure to sit on the front patio on such a beautiful day. I will definitely go back.

  5. Picked up some takeout yesterday for lunch. Great service, met the owner (really nice guy) and the Masaman Chicken was really delicious. I will definitely go back.

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