Report: Guy Wong Opening “Big Boss Chinese” Restaurant in Decatur This Fall

From Tomorrow’s News Today

Guy will also open Big Boss Chinese in Decatur later this fall. Big Boss, an ode to the 1971 Bruce Lee film of the same name, will feature authentic Cantonese cuisine in a full service restaurant. The kitchen will be helmed by Guy’s uncle who is relocating from China to open the restaurant. Guy will cook part time at Big Boss but will remain full time at Miso. The restaurant will also feature dim sum and other Chinese favorites.

Big Boss will be 2200 square feet and open near the intersection of Church Street and East Ponce de Leon Avenue. Guy hopes to have the restaurant open late this fall.

Intersection of Church and East Ponce?  What’s available around there?

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41 thoughts on “Report: Guy Wong Opening “Big Boss Chinese” Restaurant in Decatur This Fall”

  1. honestly, we’re getting to the point to where i’m positively paralyzed by all of the good food options in Decatur. think i’ll begin picking a random letter of the alphabet and going to the one whose name begins with it.

    welcome to Decatur, Big Boss.

  2. There are a couple of empty spaces near there – the old tea shop for one – but nothing large enough for a restaurant.

    Anyway, if this isn’t an early April fools joke, it’s clearly part of the city of Decatur’s continuing efforts to make me look like the Michelin Tire Man. Miso Izakaya is full of awesomeness.

  3. Gotta agree with Rick and Beth. This is just getting ridiculous. Dim sum down the street? Good lord…

  4. *happy dance* I love Miso and have been yearning for a Chinese restaurant close by (closer than BuHi choices).

  5. Given the unrealistically optimistic opening date, it would have to be an existing restaurant location, i.e. Ruby Tuesday (Clairemont, Church, they’re all streets starting with C).

    Just an uninformed guess. The Courtyard has a big restaurant space available. Or, maybe they could kick out J. Christopher. After that, we’re talking Carpe Diem

  6. I live steps away and haven’t been in that J.Christopher in at least 5 years. Take that for whatever it’s worth.

    1. Us either but strangely enough some folks love it. I know someone who comes regularly from Clarkston. I don’t get the concept. It seems like Waffle House food in a post-modern ambience. But it works for their regular customers. I feel the same way about Evans Fine Foods in Emory Commons. But my parents make a beeline for it when they are in town.

    2. J. Christopher is a fine place to take the kids on a weekend morning for an easy, good breakfast without a wait. Personally I prefer it to Thumbs Up.

      Separately, there has been retail space available at 150 E. Ponce. I am guessing that is where we will see Big Boss …

    3. After making the mistake of eating there weekend before last (as Bo suggested, we had two hungry/cranky 1 y.o.’s and it was the first place on the route), we were deeply disappointed. Dry, stale biscuits, oversalted, overcooked food, spotty service. Should have held out for Pastries-a-Go-Go, our go-to joint in town (of several). A coworker, who is a J. Christopher fan, insists quality between locations varies considerably.

      But different strokes for different folks. I don’t like Thumbs Up either, but I’m glad those places have their adherents or the line at Bob’s would be down the block…

      1. “Should have held out for Pastries-a-Go-Go, our go-to joint in town”

        I mostly blame Pastries-a-Go-Go for the 30+ pounds I’ve gained since moving back here seven years ago. Ok, them and the beers at Brick Store.

  7. As for where this might be located, didn’t DM have a post about the office building across the street from 246 and Cafe Alsace opening up for retail space on the first floor? If not that, was there a drug store up Church Street that left and is the space still vacant?

    1. First floor space is now Private Bank. the drug store space was razed last year for HQ for Assn for Clinical Pastoral Education. Not sure they have the funds to build.

  8. Yes, Chinese food! Though it does dash my dream of opening my own Chinese place in the hood, se la vi…

    1. Hola is looking like it’s close. And speaking of openings, Mar finally has signs up in the front that say Opening Soon. I thought for a while, they may have just given up on that place. Other than those signs that were put up in the last few days, it’s looked the same from the outside for a few months now.

  9. I think now we should be concerned about not only fighting off the hordes of families who want into the school system, but the foodies as well. Miso Izakaya is definitely in our Top 5 restaurants in the city. (Top secret memo to Japanese food fans: Monday and Tuesday night “Gato Arigato” dinners at Gato in Candler Park are also awesome.) Man, I love my city…

  10. I had to pick my jaw up off the floor with this news. Miso is pure, unadulterated food bliss, and Guy Wong is a master, so to have him gracing us with a Chinese joint (when we have no decent Chinese to speak of, forcing drives to BuHi) is mana from Heaven. And then you add the prospect of dim sum in walking distance and I just lose the ability to speak…

    Very curious about where this will actually be located. I think the Ruby Tuesday space would work perfectly, actually, but doesn’t fit the description.

  11. Let’s see…if I add Big Boss as a dine out dinner option, that comes to just under $300 for dinner a week.
    (if we still only have 2 take out Chicken soup from Cayote one of those nights)
    I got Italian, Mexican, Thai, Indian, Nawlins, American, Fancy American and now Chinese.
    Yep, I’m good.

  12. Delivery?

    My wife and I have consistently said for several years that a Chinese (Asian in general) restaurant in Decatur that delivered would blow up and be hugely successful. I know many on this blog like Golden Buddha and the few other delivery options, but if this Guy (you’re welcome!) offers a delivery service it will be all over for those other restaurants. Even if he simply started off only delivering to inside City limits. We always thought the old Big H plaza in Oakhurst Village would have been a fantastic location for such an operation, but alas, we have, well, … let’s leave that topic for another post and another time.

    Maybe I’m too hopeful since it sounds like this restaurant will be more in line with up(per) scale dining, without delivery.

  13. With apologies to Hungry, I actually hope that this place will NOT conform to people’s usual standard/expectations of Chinese restaurants (which is basically piss poor, cheap delivery food) and will NOT do delivery.

    I hope this place makes food worth the walk/drive/parking hassle to eat there. It needs to be good enough to make it every bit of a destination dining spot as the other vaunted spots on the Square (Cakes and Ale, Iberian Pig, Brickstore Pub, etc). I’ve been complaining that there aren’t any truly authentic Chinese places (yes, that includes Golden Buddha) within a stone’s throw of Downtown Decatur.

    Can Chinese food be held up to that standard? I think it can, and actually exceed those standards when it’s done well, all the while being price-competitive compared to its surrounding restaurants (no $4 won-ton soup for you!).

    *end rant from disgruntled Decatur resident*

    1. ML, appreciate your feedback.

      After re-reading my original post I realized I didn’t make my point as clearly as I might have. I wasn’t suggesting that the random Chinese restaurant that delivers from a geographical location within Decatur would by default kick Golden Buddha’s %ss. I expected that it also would be superior in quality. Metro Atlanta is filled with wonderful food-related concepts that are “new” (think food trucks), and a nicer restaurant that also served a massive need (see Oakhurst Mama’s comments about wanting to have food delivered) by delivering to the community might just very well find that on a given night it could serve more folks than it could ever fit inside the restaurant. Remember, those people who eat at home don’t dirty the bathrooms, etc.

      Of course they don’t drink the liquor behind the bar either, which is where most restaurants make their money! Ahhh, arguing against my own point in my very own counter to another poster. Well played, Hungry, well played…

      1. In the case of Miso, the delivery man would have to come into your kitchen to add the superbly executed poached or fried egg that appears on some menu items. It’s a work of art.

  14. This is so very exciting! OakhurstDad and I miss good Chinese food! I know there are a ton of great places on Buford Highway, but it’s just so far. Sad that this place won’t deliver. There are so few delivery options in the area. We get so lazy some nights and would love food to be brought to us 🙂

  15. Hey Hungry, you do bring up a good point regarding the ability to serve more than they could fit inside a restaurant. Apologies if I came off like a grouch. 🙂 I just happen to take my Chinese food very personally (if it wasn’t evident already).

  16. Where? Probably can be verified, but on my walk this p.m., saw lots of expansion-type construction in front of Noodle. Sign said “Noodle is open.”

  17. Heard about this breaking news while trying out Chai Pani tonight. Wow, Decatur is exploding with really good restaurants. Lovin restaurant hopping! Having a good quality Chinese restaurant in Decatur would be wonderful.

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