Real Estate Blog: Garlic Thai Sold; To Be Replaced by “Native: A Local Joint”

Yen points to this this post on the Shumacher real estate broker blog that states “Steve Josovitz just sold the Garlic Thai Sushi ( Formerly Little Azio) in Decatur. …The Buyer John Mathews will be opening a American seasonal restaurant to be called NATIVE “A Local Joint”.

I’ve verified the news through another source.  No obvious online info about the new restaurant yet.

Graphic courtesy of the Shumacher website

27 thoughts on “Real Estate Blog: Garlic Thai Sold; To Be Replaced by “Native: A Local Joint””

  1. It did always seem a little redundant to me to have this and Green Ginger in such close proximity (and I guess Mint down Clairemont if you want to roll that in), so this feels like a wise course correction.

  2. Also bummed out! Garlic was less expensive and just as good as Green Ginger and Siam (if not a little better, IMO). We will miss their dollar sushi happy hour and delicious Pad Thai!

  3. Bummer. Garlic was my favorite among the crowd. Green Ginger does seem to have upped their game (improved service, higher quality) since they originally opened, but I love Garlic’s menu. Plus they serve Tokyo Black, a rather unique Japanese Porter. I will miss them.

    1. I guess we’ll have to travel to Va/Hi to get the coconut soup at Surin.
      There’s was the best in town.
      My daughter might cry at this news!

  4. I will miss Garlic Thai’s soft shell crab. Agree that Green Ginger has improved. I had a good dinner there recently.

    Do we know that Native means fry bread? I love it too. But “native” all depends on your perspective. Maybe it means’s “Native Decatur” food.. What would that be?

      1. I’m gullible. It could have been true, que no? Fry bread, fermented blubber, succotash, peyote?

  5. BOOOOO! Loved Garlic’s sushi– it was excellent. Their Thai was very good, but not as good as their sushi. 🙁 I’ll miss them, they were such nice folks!

  6. Sad. Garlic’s curries and pineapple fried rice were consistent winners in my book.

    With Leon’s, Brickstore, Pinewood, Cakes and Ale….do we really need another “seasonal” American restaurant?

    1. It is my belief that ALL restaurants should be seasonal to some degree. Even Chick-Fil-A has seasonally-tied menu items (though that’s not exactly what I mean).

      That said, I do see your point.

  7. Just called the number. Got no answer. Immediately came here. Terrible fears confirmed. Why world?

  8. Aw man. I am bummed about this. Garlic has been a once-every-other-week takeout location for us and I’ve enjoyed their massaman curry, spring rolls, coconut soup, etc.

    There were a few things that were odd though in my recent conversations with the place. For example, I mentioned to them that their (flash) website isn’t viewable on an iPhone. The lady who’s always there (thin lady – manager? owner?) said that they had a dispute with their web vendor and cannot update the website at all – no access. She didn’t seem overly worried about this.

    But boo. The place was the busiest I’d ever seen it last week when I stopped by.

  9. Just out of curiosity, can someone explain the whole Thai + sushi thing to me? It’s such a weird cherry picking of (wholly unrelated) Asian cuisines. And yet, as has been said, there’s enough of them around now that it’s become it’s own thing. This despite the fact that I would not expect an establishment known for its sushi to have any ability to turn out Thai food of any quality, nor vice versa.

    It’d be like me going out and starting a restaurant that specializes in ceviche and cheesesteaks. Does not compute.

    1. Agreed. Growing up in California in the SF bay, we never had these types of places. It was one or the other. Never both.

  10. I’ll join the chorus here. Very sad to see Garlic leave. It was a regular take-out spot for us, and the only place in town that my in-laws would eat (it’s their problem, not ours Decatur!).

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