Garlic Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar Coming to Little Azio Space

As the DNO noted on Facebook, the city commission is scheduled to approve a liquor license for “Garlic Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar” at 340 West Ponce de Leon Avenue at Monday’s city commission meeting.

Decatur’s latest business trend seems to be Thai food and heathcare.

13 thoughts on “Garlic Thai Cuisine & Sushi Bar Coming to Little Azio Space”

  1. Have to agree on the Vietnamese. And I’m not sure Noodle counts as Thai – it’s a little more eclectic Asian, right?

    I’m excited – I still haven’t found a Thai place in Decatur that I crave.

    1. Don’t forget about the Saigon Cafe at North Decatur Road. I know next to nothing about Vietnamese food, but this place seems to do a steady business and there always seem to be many tables of folks dining who likely know a lot more about Vietnamese food than I do. I always consider this a good sign. This too is one of those blended Vietnamese/ Thai businesses.

      There is also a Community BBQ restaurant next to Bjorniac Indian Fusion. (I have no idea how to spell this).

  2. Why don’t they just get it over with and open a Thai Irish Pub? Seriously, can we please mix it up a little with the cuisine in this town!

  3. Nothing about a Thai-Sushi place interests me—talk about an overdone concept in the metro area. This sounds like something you’d find in the exurbs. That said, if it is Harry and Son’s, it should be good. To the rest of the clamor I add my call for a Vietnamese place. Indian would be great too, but I suspect the rents would be too high in the downtown area for that cuisine, generally speaking.

  4. If it’s Harry & Sons, I am excited. While Thai might be a bit overdone in Decatur (and the highlands, midtown, etc.), we don’t have a great Sushi place in Decatur. Sushi Ave. is ok, but far behind the better sushi places in Atlanta. Bring it on!

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