Yogurt Tap Details Emerge Prior to Opening

Atlanta Magazine’s “Covered Dish” blog has been doing a little Decatur-sleuthing of it’s own and gotten a healthy heap of details on Church Street’s “Yogurt Tap“, which – according to the post – will open toward the end of next week.

The post’s author, Sara Levine, talked directly with owner Lindsey Phillips, so she’s got a healthy serving of the 39 cents-an-ounce inside scoop.  (Oh the puns, they are so numerous!)  Click over to learn about Phillips’ inspiration, and what kinds of frozen yogurt will be on tap.

Here’s a taste…

Phillips says the original tart will be a staple, along with rotating flavors including dark chocolate, pineapple, green apple and strawberry.

Wiggle’s Annual Half-Off Sale Starts Tomorrow

Decatur kids clothing store, Wiggle, has this note in this week’s issue of the DBA newletter…

Attention Shoppers! Mark your calendars for this Friday, July 17. The annual Wiggle summer half-off sale begins at 9am sharp! All spring and summer clothing will be discounted 50% off. Our fabulous sale runs through Wednesday, July 22. After Wednesday, all clothing will move to the Children’s Boutique Warehouse Sale (July 24-25) – so shop early for best selection!

Get An Inside Look at Decatur Fire & Police

With all the recent, heightened concern about crime within the city limits, this 8 week program offered by our police and fire departments seems more apt than ever.

Decatur PD’s Communication’s Director, Juanchella Francis sends along this note giving the details.

The Citizens Public Safety Academy (CPSA) is an exciting way to learn about police work and how the community can respond to emergencies. Through a well-prepared curriculum, taught once a week for 8 weeks, students will learn about all aspects of police operations. Academy participants will meet many of the men and women who serve in the Decatur Police and Fire Departments as they explain the functions of patrol officers, investigators, administrators, and firefighters. Academy participants will also learn how officers are trained and how one can protect against crime and fire hazards. Interesting demonstrations will illustrate the many skills and abilities police officers and fire fighters must have to effectively protect Decatur.

An important and exciting phase of the Academy is the opportunity to leave the classroom and view police work first hand by riding with patrol officers. [editor’s note: There is also a tour of the DeKalb jail.]

Applicants must submit to a limited background investigation by the Decatur Police Department that will include a check of criminal history and driving record. Individuals who do not meet the Georgia Peace Officers Standards and Training Council standards will not be accepted into the CPSA program. Continue reading “Get An Inside Look at Decatur Fire & Police”

One Million Page Views!

I’m happy to report that in just one year and 10 months, DM has achieved an inconceivable milestone: one million page views!

Not too shabby for a blog that asks “What’s your favorite park/building?”, “How much trash do you throw out?”, yells at various post-modern buildings, and writes fictional posts about cross-dressing city-lovers and cantaloupe.

Thanks to all the clickers out there, both stoic readers and verbose commenters, who make this site so personally rewarding and endlessly interesting to me.  Without you, I would just be one more crazy yahoo, sitting in my proverbial underwear, posting ignorant observations for everyone (and no one) to read.  Also, continued thanks to all the Decatur/Atlanta bloggers and Creative Loafing journalists who guided me through those first, tough months with support and encouragement and remain dear friends to this day.

And finally, a huge thanks to my wife, who has always been supportive of this crackpot endeavor, but stands alone as the only person that can prevent me from becoming a bit too obsessive about “feeding-the-beast” and monitoring comment threads.  All it takes is a look.  THE look.

OK, so what’s next?  Good question!

Well, for better or worse, I have a few ideas in the works for DM, so keep your eyes and minds open in the coming weeks and months.  Should be interesting to say the least.

Here’s to the next one million!

Decatur Ranked 11th In Metro Home Sales Growth in 2008

According to the AJC’s “Atlanta Home Sales Report”, Decatur had the 11th largest gain in combined home sales price in the metro-region from 2007 to 2008, and ranked second in new home sales price growth.

A closer look shows why “second in new home sales price growth!” shouldn’t be the headline.

New home sales price depends heavily on what’s available from one year to the next, so the median price of a new home in Decatur jumps wildly from one year to the next.  So though a 71% gain sounds great, it’s entirely dependent on available inventory.

Existing home sales is a much better indicator.  From 2007 to 2008, existing home sales declined 9% (520 vs. 474), while the median resale price actually increased a percentage point vs. 2007 (from $266,950 to $270,200).

Bottom line?  Sales are down vs. 2007, but remain at levels that were seen as recently as 2003.  Meanwhile, Decatur’s median existing home price continues to buck the national trend, while the new home price is up big, resulting in an 11th place ranking metro-wide.

“Up slightly” is the new “triple digit gain”.

Second Sunday Decatur Cemetery Tour Tomorrow

Linda Harris forwards this note from the Decatur Preservation Alliance…

You are invited to the Second Sunday Strolls this Sunday, July 12, at 2:30 p.m. in Decatur Cemetery. This 30-45 minute historic walk is led by volunteer and Cemetery expert Cathy Vogel. Whether this is your first visit or your 30th, you’ll learn something you didn’t know about metro Atlanta’s oldest public burial space. Meet at the well house gazebo off of Commerce Drive.

And if you can’t make this Sunday’s walk, the remaining dates for 2009 are August 9, September 13, and October 11.

Sponsored by the Friends of Decatur Cemetery, a project of the Decatur Preservation Alliance.

Homeless Encampment Found on Decatur Square

Alex writes in…

Met up with some friends at Eddie’s last night. I left a little past 11, walked across the Square to go home and was stunned to find an encampent of homeless people who had made their beds for the night, right there on the Square, just beside the ‘steaming’ children’s statue.

There were seeral adults, two of whom were stretched out on the benches, covered in blankets, catching their z’s. As I glanced to the right, I saw a stroller. Oh lawd.

I called the police non-emergency number and the dispatcher seemed to be confused about what I told her. When I told her that the folks were camped out by the children’s statue on the square, she paused and then asked if I had an address for that. I got a bit flustered and said, “Well, it’s where Sycamore dead-ends…..you know, The Square!”

She kept trying to put it together and I kept wondering how much more clear I could be than “the square”. But, true to form, Decatur PD arrived in about 10 minutes, asked a lot of questions and moved them along.

I’m not even sure what to say about this.  Things must be getting pretty bad out there if people haven taken to sleeping in well-lit, well-patroled areas.