14 thoughts on “Free-For-All Friday 7/13/18”

  1. Some neighbors still say they don’t think that’s enough to slow drivers down. –

    3D Zebra Stripe Crosswalk in Iceland Slows Traffic with Stunning Optical Illusion –

  2. I take daily walks around town and I’m encountering more and more folks smoking in the non-smoking sections (near dining). For example, the employees of Ted’s regularly smoke right next to their tables and there are many other folks smoking near tables around the square (outside Starbucks, Raging Burrito, etc.)–sometimes right under the Clear Air Zone signage. Any idea what can be done? Is there a reason we are not enforcing? Thanks!

    1. One reason for no enforcement is that nobody calls it to the attention of those doing the enforcement.

      1. Who is charged with enforcing it? I hate cigarette smoke and don’t want to be anywhere near it, but please don’t call the police for something like this. It’s unnecessary and potentially dangerous. If you are concerned about it, you can always politely point out to the person that smoking isn’t allowed.

        1. The police or code enforcement are the only ones who can write citations for this.

        2. If these are employees at a restaurant where you’re eating, speaking to the manager would seem to be a prudent and reasonable option.

          1. Not where I am eating, but I will call the one restaurant where it is consistent.

        3. I’ve tried this in the past. Best case scenario is that I get ignored. Worst case scenario is that I get yelled at. Either of these are not good for conflict-averse folks. I agree that I should not call the police for little things, but individual requests have not worked. Most of the people smoking appear to be aware they are violating and don’t care.

      2. On a walk up from Dancing Goats around the Square and back I usually run into 4-5 folks smoking each night. They are not always at the same place, but there are consistently people violating. It seems like foot patrols would notice the same people I am noticing. I don’t want to call the police for smokers, but would like someone besides myself (conflict-averse) to ask them to stop.

  3. A question on manners to all the runners out there:

    When I walk my dog I often encounter runners. I want to be friendly and acknowledge them but I don’t want to break their stride or concentration.

    Are you OK with a Hello and expect a response, is a tip of the hat on both sides friendly enough, or is it OK if I just look guilty for walking at a leisurely pace and let you run without any acknowledgment.

    1. For me, eye contact and a smile are enough. I don’t have any issue with a hello either, but I find many fellow runners don’t reciprocate that to me when out on a run. I would definitely say hello back to you!

      I appreciate your concern for being friendly, as IMO it has declined quite a bit in the last 5+ years on the sidewalks of Decatur.

    2. Personally, I’m not offended if we don’t greet each other. But if you said hi or waved first, I would respond in kind, as I don’t find it distracting.

      And no need to look/feel guilty for a leisurely pace. Enjoy your walk and your dog.

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