UPDATED with Photo: Vampire Diaries Filming Around Decatur Today

vampireUPDATE: Alison sends in this pic from the 4th floor of the Decatur Library of filming near the Decatur Fire Station this morning.

The CW’s Vampire Diaries is filming around Decatur today, according to the City of Decatur’s Katie Abel.

In a note posted on The Decatur Minute this morning she details the filming locations around the city today:

  • Trinity Street near Fire Station #1
  • Thumbs Up Diner on Ponce
  • Decatur First Baptist Church.

Ms. Abel states that if you are driving through downtown Decatur today, you may experience traffic delays in front of Thumbs Up on West Ponce.  (MAP)

11 thoughts on “UPDATED with Photo: Vampire Diaries Filming Around Decatur Today”

  1. Residents stuck in traffic delays related to filming don’t appear very sanguine about the situation.

  2. I could not pick up stuff I need for my sick child because there was NO where to park within 2 blocks in any direction. Not a meter, not behind buildings, handicapped, expectant mother, along sidewalks, etc. No, not too lazy to walk but I only had 5 minutes before my babysitter time ran out! People were circling like hawks to find a space. Lunch time in Decatur with such a large filming crew…..perhaps we should consider the impact on residents. I’ll have to try again later, sick child in tow….

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