New MTV Series Filming in Decatur Transforms Yogurt Tap

yogurt filming

Bryan sends in this photo of the transformation of Yogurt Tap into “brain freeze” on Church Street yesterday as crews filming scenes for the upcoming drama series “Finding Carter“, according to the City’s Katie Abel.

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      1. They were also parking them on Sycamore and in the lot across Church St from the Presbyterian church, as well as having the catering operation in the park behind the fire station.

  1. Sorry to be a spelling perfectionist, but the photo is mine, and note I am Bryan. Happy summer brain-freezing, everyone!

  2. I know some don’t agree, but I love the fact that our town is a place where TV and movies are filmed. Whether it’s MTV or Zombieland, I get a kick out of saying, “that was filmed in my town!”

    Yes, it’s sometimes a pain dealing with the traffic and snarls they cause, but I think it’s worth it. I have nothing to back it up, but I believe it boosts our economy a bit and makes Decatur a little more unique.

    1. +1 mo’. As a general rule, unless it deals with the dystopian or dysfunctional, they really don’t film much in crappy, everyday places. So having a lot of location shoots isn’t just cool. It’s a validation of all kinds of choices and priorities a community can make.

  3. I think Brain Freeze should remain at that location and the Yogurt Tap should move to another location, giving us 4 yogurt shops in downtown!

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