Squirrels Push Andisheh Over the Edge

Uh...dude, thats a rabbit...
Uh...dude, that's a rabbit...

With the recent resurgence of vegetable gardens across the nation, I bet there are a lot more people hating our wild, furry friends than ever before.

Andisheh is just the latest victim of squirrel-on-man crime in the Atlanta area.  And his hated-filled rant against tomato-loving grey squirrels over on Fresh Loaf reminds me of a great NY Times piece from last summer entitled “Peter Rabbit Must Die.”  In summary, if you think squirrels are bad, rabbits are pure evil when it comes to backyard produce.

Maybe the good folks over at the Oakhurst Community Garden could set up a support group/class for victims of fuzzy animal infractions, like Andisheh.

“The Iberian Pig” Coming to Decatur Square

Decatur Square sure is attracting it’s fair share of oddly named restaurants lately and I for one couldn’t be happier.

First there is the Irish Pub, Dick Macks, going into the old Saba location.  Now, just a day after my wife asked me, “what the heck is going on with the old Sage space?” and I mumbled some sort of vague statement that amounted to “I don’t know…look over there! a puppy!”, Cheryl over at the Decatur Minute has the answer!

As she tells the story, after seeing some activity going on inside the restaurant this afternoon, Cheryl “peaked in” to get some answers.  She’s got a play-by-play over at the Minute, so I won’t steal her thunder entirely, but bottom line is that the Castellucci Family, which owns and operates three Mediterranean/Italian Sugo restaurants around Atlanta will be opening “The Iberian Pig” in the old Sage space sometime in August.

I can’t wait to see the signage!  Even more, I can’t wait to start calling it “the Pig” for short!

Get an idea of the new owners’ passion for food from the video after the jump…

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“Recess Monkey” at Decatur Library Thursday

Cheryl over at The Decatur Minute reports that “Seattle’s greatest children’s band”, Recess Monkey, is performing at Decatur Library tomorrow at 7pm!

Oh how I love finding ridiculous pics of children’s bands.

Self-Interest Economics

Ariel Hart has a nice cover story in this morning’s AJC about the different metrics being used by political talkers to demonstrate how Atlanta is either getting fat or screwed in the distribution of Federal Stimulus funding.

As Hart points out, those in Atlanta  – who want more money – use the “For every thousand dollars metro Atlanta contributes to the economy, so far it’s getting back $1.37 from the stimulus road fund. The rest of the state is getting $2.02.” argument.

“How outrageous!!” cry the cultured urbanites.

The smaller cities and rural areas – who also want more money – roll their collective eyes and counter with this argument – summarized by Hart – “metro Atlanta is getting $66.81 per person in the area, while the rest of the state is getting $56.06.”

Not knowing which money-grubbers to trust, Hart turns to the economists, which surprisingly, are also of two minds.

So with few options remaining, the tired and intrepid reporter turns to the great-decider himself, Sonny Perdue, who’s spokesman rolls his eyes in his excellency’s absence and utters “If the last year has taught us anything, it’s that you can find an economist to say anything,”

And like a Turgenev short story, Hart’s article concludes without the closure we all seek.  We don’t discover who the real purveyor of truth is, or what it is about economists that makes them “say anything.”  It just is.