“The Iberian Pig” Coming to Decatur Square

Decatur Square sure is attracting it’s fair share of oddly named restaurants lately and I for one couldn’t be happier.

First there is the Irish Pub, Dick Macks, going into the old Saba location.  Now, just a day after my wife asked me, “what the heck is going on with the old Sage space?” and I mumbled some sort of vague statement that amounted to “I don’t know…look over there! a puppy!”, Cheryl over at the Decatur Minute has the answer!

As she tells the story, after seeing some activity going on inside the restaurant this afternoon, Cheryl “peaked in” to get some answers.  She’s got a play-by-play over at the Minute, so I won’t steal her thunder entirely, but bottom line is that the Castellucci Family, which owns and operates three Mediterranean/Italian Sugo restaurants around Atlanta will be opening “The Iberian Pig” in the old Sage space sometime in August.

I can’t wait to see the signage!  Even more, I can’t wait to start calling it “the Pig” for short!

Get an idea of the new owners’ passion for food from the video after the jump…

23 thoughts on ““The Iberian Pig” Coming to Decatur Square”

  1. That Greek-Italian fusion sounds interesting, plus they also throw Tapas into the mix??

    Whilst the name the Iberian Pig doesn’t conjure up the idea of a haven for non-meat-eaters, it looks as if the menu also includes a decent selection of vegetarian options (if the menu is similar to other Sugo locations). I wish them well, and can’t wait to give them a try (I was going to say go pig out, but I decided against)..

    Although Decatur isn’t nearly as great a place to live as Peachtree City, it’s really encouraging to see how many new businesses are recognizing our potential recently (OK, I’m joking on the Peachtree City bit in case anyone starts to worry about me).

  2. I am really looking forward to this place opening. I miss Sage.

    But I will go 2-1 with anybody that this place will not be open in August. Six weeks to flip a space that size and permit it?

    I do hope to have Halloween dinner there, though.

  3. Castellucci Family.

    Does this odd capitalization choice imply some special type of family? 😛

  4. Careful, everyone. The note says that the Decatur restaurant will be a “new concept”. So Greek-Italian is probably not it.

    And obviously, Iberian refers to Spain.

    1. That was why I put the question marks in my post next to them offering tapas, as last I heard tapas was a Spanish concept! Good point on word Iberian in the name though – that bit went right over my head!

    2. I know they’ll be focusing on roasted pork, but please, oh please, let them do a paella. I would kill for good paella source in Decatur.

  5. Wow…if nothing else, it sounds like the Pig is going to have to live up to some high hopes and expectations! But at least it sounds like they’re filling a need.

  6. Thanks for all the buzz. As the owner of the new restaurant, I wanted to leak a few of the new dishes that we created as well as the meaning behind the name of this new Spanish restaurant.

    First, Black Iberian Pigs create the most sought after Charcuterie in the world, Iberico Ham. A signature item of the restaurant will be the acorn fed Iberico ham sliced in the center of the dining room at a carving station and served with a toasted baguette and espresso aioli.

    A few of other dishes that we plan to serve:
    Heirloom Composition – Heirloom tomato gazpacho, heirloom tomatoes, fresh buffalo mozzarella, basil foam, white balsamic reduction, chilean extra virgin olive oil

    Pork Cheek Tacos – Slow roasted pork cheeks, fire roasted corn salsa, avocado, butter lettuce, cilantro oil

    The Iberian Burger – American Waygu Beef, toasted brioche bun, bacon-onion relish, vine ripe tomato, mahon cheese, butter lettuce, eggplant fries.

    We look forward to becoming a part of the community.

  7. Are we getting some sort of sneak preview free tasting menu for all our wonderful promotion here? 😉

  8. Wow, now I’m being scooped by my own staff. We are very excited about this new restaurant and want to thank the property owners for their willingness to work with us in finding the right tenant. The menu does sound yummy and these folks definitely know what they’re doing but it’s their commitment to green initiatives that really got us excited. They should be a perfect fit for Decatur.

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