Decatur Beer Fest Ticket Sellout Times Over the Years

Clear your calendar for 12-12:30p Monday.

Decatur Beer Fest tickets go out sale at noon and if prior years are any indication, you’re going to have to be very quick on the draw.  Here’s a breakdown by year since 2007 based on DM reports over the years…

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 9.25.33 AM


11 thoughts on “Decatur Beer Fest Ticket Sellout Times Over the Years”

  1. Whatevs. I got mine already. Suckas.

    Also, new yuppy people suck. Things were much better in 1998 and 1999 when you could walk in with no lines and pay at the door and then get kicked out of the Grog Shop afterward just because their touchy owner didn’t like where you were peeing…

    1. Also, IIRC, back in the day patrons were issued a full pint glass! The 5 oz tasting glasses weren’t introduced until 2007 or so, right?

      1. Not sure when the smaller tasting glasses were introduced, but I’m thinking it was even earlier than 2007. There were definitely full size pint glasses in the early days, though. Everything was better in the old days.

  2. What a handy graph this is — it can also be used to chart the annual level of my interest in attending!

  3. +1 Sansho…though it probably tracks with age too. Plus, who wants to wait in line for a 5 oz glass refill?

  4. It’s a festival, after all. It’s become over the years less of an event for Decaturites and more of a way to share the City with others. After all, we get to enjoy Decatur’s restaurants, wines and beers 365 days of the year. Why not show it off and share it with everyone else 3 or 4 times a year? And, really, a 5 ounce taste of beer is plenty, especially if there are 150-200 beers to choose from. Plus, this year’s festival lasts five (5) hours!

  5. This will be about my 7th year or so. It’s a great festival. They cap the number of festival goers and it’s a great time of year. The money funds a great cause too. I have friends that come from out of town every year and they think the festival — and Decatur — is the bees knees.

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