Free-For-All Friday 9/12/14

Feel free to use this post to make comments and ask questions about local topics not discussed here over the past week.

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      1. I know. I drove past yesterday in the daylight and thought the same thing. Last post I can find, the City had not issued any permits. However, Greenstone (the developer) still has a posting on their website that they are building the facility. DM – any word from the City on this?

  1. Can anyone recommend a good handyman for doing carpentry type repairs such as replacing rotted window sills and exterior trim boards and such?

  2. It’s not especially current news but I’d like to suggest a moment of silence as we mourn the passing of Decatur’s one legal liquor store: Yee Package. Farewell, Yee. Feel like we hardly knew ye.

    1. You know, I thought it would be nice to have a liquor store within walking distance of my home (for obvious reasons), but that place was scary.

      1. Spoken like a northside newbie! You’re apparently unfamiliar with Oakhurst’s notorious “liquor-by-the-shot” basement operations, at least some of which are still hanging in there. They were mixed-use when mixed-use wasn’t even a term.

        1. Those still operate today in many cities, large and small. Though, Sunday sales have cut into their popularity (necessity?) a bit.

        2. Did you mean mixed-use or Used for Mixin’?

          Not sure any of those establishments would make Esquire’s top 10.

    2. I never knew it existed (insert N of tracks remark here)!

      I had wondered if maybe Decatur did not allow distilled spirit retail sales within the city limits, given the proximal location of other package stores just beyond the city limits.

      1. Neither did I. Was it grandfathered in somehow?
        Regarding the north of the tracks comment, something I’ve noticed about living downtown and walking to most places in Decatur, is that I tend not to go to many places that are short drives away. If I’m going to be driving anyway, I tend to want to get out of Decatur and check out other areas (Buford Hwy for example). I wonder if others share that experience.

        1. It was actually much less of an anomaly than that. It had been around for years in unincorporated DeKalb and didn’t become a part of Decatur until we annexed from the Marta station to Arcadia / Sams Crossing to meet lines with Avondale. It was only part of Decatur for maybe a year or two.

        2. Living in a downtown condo, I have the exact same experience. If I’m driving to go somewhere, it likely won’t be 2 miles away. The exception is to buy retail alcohol 🙂 So I’ve got a similar blind spot. I know midtown better than the immediate “Decatur surround” (like someone last week mentioning that the burger place at Suburban Plaza is actually worth visiting)

  3. I am looking for suggestions and information: I’m going to have a small construction job that will cost over $10,000 done. I’m hiring an actual contractor, but a small job guy – not a big company. He has liability insurance, but no surety bond. Should I require that he get one? He’s never been asked to get bonded one for a job before and he’s only going to be working with one other individual, someone who has done some work for me in the past. This work is in another state. Any suggestions are appreciated as I’ve never been involved in this type of thing before. Thanks!

    1. Workman’s comp and Liability insurance are the norm for residential and small commercial projects. Definitely have his insurer send you his Accord form naming you as an additional insured. And remember that as long as you have the money, you have control of the project.

  4. I sure wish it would rain for a change. It’s been hours since the last downpour, and my mold spores are getting parched.

  5. who are the mcgranaghans? and why are some folks on fayetteville rd making signs to hang in their front yards about them?

    1. We asked the same thing as we were walking by the other day. The signs are for a family that’s moving out, but it’s all in jest. They are long-time residents moving to Dallas.

  6. Does anyone know a local place that can refill CO2 canisters?

    I’ve been using a Primo Flavorstation (competitor to SodaStream) to make soda water at home, but have run out of gas. Primo no longer sells refills.

    Thanks in advance!

  7. Does anyone know a restaurant or bar in Decatur where you can get a hot dog? Not in Avondale, I know about Skips and not a worst or sausage but a real hot dog at any of the 80 restaurants in Decatur. If they sell beer all the better.

    1. Pretty sure Big Tex has some kind of hot dog. But they’ve changed their menu quite a bit. And it might have been a special.

      1. Checked Big Tex menu and don’t see one, so either they nixed it or my memory is faulty. Brick Store has one but it’s a brat (beer braised, of course). I guess with DQ temporarily closed there is a lack of hot dogs in the city.

    2. Ah, yer making me nostalgic for Nick’s Hot Dogs in the little outparcel strip of Suburban Plaza that now contains Moe’s. Run by an ex-pat of Skip’s named Jesus, he always answered to Nick. GREAT chili cheese dogs. And your definitely pointing out a new business opportunity. Contemplating getting a Lucky Dog cart and a hat with earflaps…

      1. There is a Jesus who seems to manage Skip’s when Skip’s not around. Great guy – probably went back when Nick’s closed?

        Wouldn’t it be cool to have a hot dog cart or two on the streets around the square, like they do in NYC, and even Asheville?

        1. A Sabretts hotdog push cart with a blue and yellow umbrella on the square right next to the King of Pops cart ….. that would be too good to be true

            1. When I was a New Yorker there was a great feature on the Channel 5 WNEW-TV news broadcast called “The Masked Gourmet” One night in the 70’s he did a “review” of the hot dogs at Papaya King on the northwest corner of 3rd and 86th and the hot dogs at the Berlin Bar on the southeast corner of 3rd and 86th. They showed him running across the street in his mask from one to the other. I preferred the Berlin Bar myself, because when I was in high school in 1968, you could get a twenty cent beer with your hot dog without any fuss about showing a driver’s license. At Papaya King you could get a papaya juice. No fuss, but no buzz, either.

    3. This is most likely not what you’re looking for, but the Iberian Pig used to have an off menu hotdog sold only at the bar after a certain hour. It was dressed to the nines and was one of the best darned hot dogs I have ever had. And quite likely the most expensive. But worth it for a one time experience. (Mind you, this was consumed after a scotch tasting at Mac McGee, so my judgment may have been slightly impaired.)

      1. No-way, Nu-Way! If we can’t have a Rutt’s Hut or even a Jersey City hot dog cart selling Sabretts, then we need a Jack’s Cosmic Dogs!

        1. JT, is Jersey City known for hot dog carts? I had no idea. I was born there but I don’t remember much about it.

          1. I don’t know what it’s known for by anyone else but, growing up, the hot dogs were the only reason I ever wanted to go there! Both my parents grew up in Jersey City and we still had family in that area when I was younger. The only way they could get me to shut up and behave when we visited was to promise me a hot dog (with sauerkraut, mustard AND ketchup) from the guy across from Lincoln Park. I would settle for one in Journal Square. But God forbid they tried to trick me into eating one of those generic dogs boiled in clean water. It had to be Sabrett and it had to come out of a bin that hadn’t been changed in at least three days.

            1. There was a Sabrett cart that would park in front of the bank where I worked in the late 70s at 15 W. 50th Street in Rockefeller Center. The vendor was one of the biggest pigs I have ever seen in my life, to the extent of peeing between the cart and a parked car and then going write back to serving franks without benefit of a hand wash. Put me off them for good.

    4. The Imperial on College Ave has a solid hot dog AND great beer. You can even add pimento cheese if you want to get a little wild.

      1. SuzyQ, went to the Imperial on Friday night and had the dog yesssss sir / mam that was good and with a beer. Thanks for the tip … next Track Side dog with a Pabst .. gourment dinning in Decatur

  8. Can anyone recommend a source in or around Atlanta that sells very large (100-qt. +) lidded plastic storage bins/containers? We’re organizing our attic and some storage spaces and trying to get as much as possible into plastic bins to avoid bugs, dust, and moisture. Found bins of this size online, but the shipping cost literally doubles the price. Checked Lowes and the Container Store, and the biggest ones they had were in the 60-qt. range.

    1. Have you tried Big Lots? Never know what they might have. Also, I use those giant ziploc bags for attic storage.

    2. You could buy the bins online from Lowe’s, Home Depot, or Walmart and have the order shipped to store for free pick-up. I do it a good bit– very handy option!

      1. Looking at doing just that. Definitely some bigger options online. Evaluating my choices. Thanks!

        1. What about this one? Listed as available at most of their nearby locations, including Edgewood.


        2. Another thought: consider getting some smaller sizes too. I was dead set on the 28-35 gal ones then realized the 10 gal ones make it a lot easier to organize stuff more specifically, which saves time when you go looking for things. If you are storing heavier stuff, the smaller bins are easier to maneuver. BigLots had some huge ones a couple weeks ago. I’m partial to Rubbremaid Roughnecks but realistically, if you aren’t moving them around a lot, the Sterlite brand ones are great. I’ve had some in my hella hot/hella cold attic for 8, 10 years and they all are in good shape.

          1. We’ve already got a bunch of smaller ones (Costco had a good deal on stacks of ’em). Just needed some for a few larger items. And happy to report that they are winging their way to me as we speak.

    3. I have bought big bins from Target. The really big ones might not always be available in the stores, but they have them online and there’s free shipping with a $50 order.

  9. “Can anyone recommend a source in or around Atlanta that sells very large (100-qt. +) lidded plastic storage bins/containers?”

    (Breaking Bad reference here).

    Seriously though, would it be possible to use plastic covering instead of containers? Or maybe bags? Seems like those would be much cheaper (certainly the shipping would) at that size range.

    1. Plastic bags degrade pretty fast, sometimes in just a year or two. Turn brittle and crumple, then you have quite a mess.

  10. Moderator,
    Whoops, I might have given you the wrong address previously. We have way too many these days. Please delete this comment, just a specific note to you. Thanks.

  11. Tickets are now on sale for two great upcoming events that benefit Decatur youth:
    Boil 2014
    Oakhurst Arts Run

  12. Atlanta Cheese Festival tickets are on sale. Not in Decatur, but I live in Decatur and help organize the festival and wanted to share. $35 General Admission/$75 VIP Beer or Wine Cheese Pairing. For the Beer herbs, John Maier of Rogue Ales is leading our VIP Beer event.

  13. Wasn’t it just last week that someone was wishing for protected biking from Stone Mountain all the way to the westside? It’s a’comin, y’all:

    1. I might be wrong, but I believe most?/some? of the improvements described in the article are components of the City of Atlanta’s multi-year plan to significantly improve bike infrastructure within the City of Atlanta. I went to the open house last fall and the vision is impressive. See here:

      Good for Atlanta (and as bike commuter to midtown, I’m all for it!)

      But … these articles that write about “Connecting the Stone Mountain Path” fail to mention that parts of the *existing* St. Mountain Path route (like much of McClendon, parts winding through Decatur east of Howard) still don’t have any type of protected lane beyond a “share the road” sign or a sharrow painted on the road. And other parts with a dedicated off-road paved path were designed with not exactly bike-friendly approaches and gradients (like Church St at N Decatur near Clarkston). I really don’t need them for my daily biking, but if the goal is to get more people out on their bikes, don’t make it so they are hesitant to do so!

      I applaud these efforts and the original Path for getting thing started, but I would someday be happy to see (and would contribute to) a “Path 1.5” effort that could revisit some of these section with modern bike trail design standards (which I don’t think existed when the original Path was made).

    1. Was there Friday evening at opening when a patron ignored the open spaces in front and went straight for the sidewalk to park. Then watched from our table as a huge SUV worked its way through the line that was out to the street to park on the sidewalk. Both incidents were outrageous. What can be done?

        1. Maybe not. Have heard that some officers consider the boundary between parking lot and sidewalk “confusing” and are unwilling to write a ticket (even though the sidewalk concrete pattern seems obvious and drivers parking on the Fairview side of the lot seem able to distinguish the difference).

          That sidewalk-parking situation has existed for years and the city appears unwilling to do anything about it. Topic has even appeared in DM threads before. I’ve never understood why the city doesn’t just require the property owner to paint yellow lines between the sidewalk and the parking lot or even put up sandwich board “No Parking” signs during business hours. One of those “spaces” is even right next to a fire hydrant and blocking access to that would certainly be prohibited if it were by the curb.

        2. I would loved to have seen Decatur police write a ticket to a Dekalb County Sheriff parked on the sidewalk that afternoon. Next time I will make sure to follow your suggestion then get my cellphone camera ready.

    2. “Frowned upon?” would make an interesting variation of Eye On The Street. We could post photos of questionable parking or babies dancing on restaurant tables. Then we could discuss in our usual civilized manner.

      1. Print up cards that say “You have been frowned upon” that could be handed out and/or left on windshields. Take a pic, post to the DM “Frowned Upon” thread for that week.

  14. “Parking on the sidewalk in front of Taqueria del Sol. Legal? Frowned upon?”

    Worthy of a windshield loogie? A photo of the license plate posted online? Those might also be questions a would-be sidewalk parker should consider. Also, it’s against state law.

  15. For those who care, I saw a note on FB last night that the Zesto on Ponce is closing as of 9/20 and that the property has been sold to a developer. Other locations, including the one in Little Five Points, will remain open.

    1. NOOO! Not the fancy Zesto’s? Also, home of the Gourmet Burger with horseradish sauce that I don’t think they have at other locations. This… aggression will not stand (OK, it will, but it makes me sad.)

    2. Of the past (closed) and present Zestos I’ve been too, that is the only location where I don’t feel like I’m sticking to the furniture when dining in. And the employees were usually pleasant there. I’ll miss it!

      I am wondering what will go in it’s place, given that the owners appear to have received an offer not worth refusing?

  16. Worst speed bumps in Decatur…Glenlake. If I hit them anything over 1/2 mph my suspension bottom/tops out. I find hitting them at an angle best. just sayin.

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