Drone Flight Over Snowy Decatur

Sharron sends along this video of a drone flight over Decatur the last two days providing aerial views of Decatur Sqaure and the Agnes Scott College campus.  Impressive!

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      1. “Perfect for helicopter moms who want to stay undercover!”

        Such a scenario was part of a recent Modern Family episode.

  1. Add dots to below to see HD version:

    www dot youtube dot com/watch?v=ZpZMLn45NKo&feature=youtube_gdata_player

    Night shots at 2:00 minute mark.

    As old age approaches, Winnona Park Stud tending to The Sad Punk as the best track from TLM, but Palace of the Brine still holds the title.

    Tonight, the whoosh you hear will be the citizens of Decatur collectively drawing their blinds.

    1. Right around 1:20, the lens effect makes the ASC smokestack look like one of those “look-at-me” things dancing outside of car dealerships.

  2. Not me (thought I’ve dreamed of flying one from my balcony at the Artisan) but there are several high-end RC quad-copters with web cams capable of that kind of height and range. They start at about $500 and the price goes up with range and adding streaming ability.

    I know someone who has this one:


    Here is a great video using one at Sweetwater Creek by the ruins.

    1. Come on, stop calling it a drone. It is just a RC helicopter, not the latest technology suggested by “drone.” That said, these things are great. I fly RC airplanes and helicopters myself.

  3. Am I the only one totally creeped out by even the idea of drones flying over everything and everyone? Does no one forsee the possibilities for damage to persons and property, not to speak of the privacy issues and the use of such things in the suppression of public dissent?

    1. Ok, I have been assuming that, while small drones like remote control helicopters and boats can be bought, this video footage is actually spliced together from several video segments taken from different points around Decatur. You mean this is REALLY footage taken by a REAL drone? Life is moving too fast for me. I’m caught between the conflicting reactions of “Cool!” and “What has the world come to?”

    2. Well we have planes and helicopters flying over head all the time. What’s the big deal? Might a drone have an accident and hurt someone or damage some property? Sure, just like we have car accidents. We should be willing to put up with some level of accidents to accommodate technologies that will generally make lives better. I for one hope Amazon starts delivering by drone ASAP.

      As for crushing dissent via drone and privacy, that is a worry, but only in the hands of the government. Private drones, yes. Government drones, no.

  4. I promise I have no government affiliation. I’m into photography and technology. All of the footage was taken with just one quadcopter on several flights. The equipment was pulled on a sled by a dog named Tater Lou to different parts of town. No eye in the sky… As for safety, they have built-in systems that are pretty good at avoiding mistakes. While you can get into drones for around $500, they end up costing several thousand. If they outlaw drones, I will simply tie my gopro camera to a kite… just kidding 🙂

  5. The legal ground is murky. The most interesting legal case is one where an animal rights group used a drone to monitor a pigeon shoot, and the hunters shot it down (surprise?)

    The legal blog below has a concise summary of the issues. It boils down to defining the “immediate reaches of the enveloping atmosphere” of your residence, as well as local laws regarding privacy rights where cameras are involved.


  6. Drone’s cool. Pixies, even cooler! Take requests? How about a drone view to the tune of Bird Dream, my fav of Trompe Le Monde? I’ll be on the look out. . . .

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