Decatur & DeKalb Public Schools, Agnes Scott College, Emory Closed Today

UPDATE IV: The library itself says it opened at noon today.

UPDATE III: DeKalb Commissioner Jeff Rader’s Office reports that both DeKalb libraries and DeKalb Recorders Court are closed today.

UPDATE II: Emory University is now CLOSED today.  Emory Healthcare remains open.

UPDATE: Agnes Scott College is also closed today.  Emory has delayed opening ’til 11am.

Looks like the 20% of you who predicted between one and two inches of snow were right!

And since it’s freezing cold outside AND the snow is sticking, most schools are closed today, including City Schools of Decatur and DeKalb County Schools.

So, I guess it’s time to make those dreaded “alternative arrangements.”

Here’s the huge list of school closings in case you’re curious about other districts.

Submit your snow pics to decaturite[@] and I’ll post ’em later today!

14 thoughts on “Decatur & DeKalb Public Schools, Agnes Scott College, Emory Closed Today”

  1. I saw on WSB’s website that the Dekalb courts are closed. Does anyone know if regular trash and recycling are being picked-up?

  2. be careful out there this AM those who have to work. driving into work today, someone almost hit me because s/he didn’t know how to break early enough on ice on a side street at a red light turning onto Ponce.

  3. It would be helpful if folks would report on their particular surface street conditions, as there are probably many of us trying to decide whether or not to go into work later. Thanks!

  4. at 7 AM, the major streets around Decatur city (Commerce, Ponce, Church) were relatively clear. It was mostly side streets & parking lots where most of the problems have been. The overpass/bridge at DeKalb Industrial and the tracks (Sam’s Crossing) was blocked off by barricades, but cars will still coming from the south over it–but that was 2+ hrs ago, so not sure if open now.

  5. Saw online, Friday trash and recycling for the City has been rescheduled for Monday due to the road conditions.

  6. During my commute in the past hour, I noticed a house fire either on Emory Circle or Ridgewood Drive near N. Decatur, East Rock Springs between E. Sussex and Pelham Roads was a sheet of ice, and 17th Street between Peachtree and West Peachtree was a sheet of ice with a Marta bus stuck at an angle across 17th. I-85 North from Midtown to Shallowford was clear and dry.

    All major roads were clear but neighborhood streets were touch and go. Just take your time, leave lots of space between cars.

  7. I posted this on the snow pix thread, but I’ll post it here, too: a friend of mine was nearly run off the road on DeKalb Ave. (just before the RR tracks) a little while ago, by someone who slid on an ice patch & slammed his brakes on, coming within a hair of slamming into her. She was going very slowly (b/c of intermittent icy patches), but was still very shaken by the incident. So, if you absolutely must travel down DeKalb this morning, be very, very careful–especially near the RR tracks!

  8. Georgia Tech is closed today, and Tech hardly ever shuts down. The ice is very tricky out there, so be extra careful.

  9. It was a tricky drive this morning up E. Rock Springs. Oxford Rd over the creek was icy; I skidded a few feet while braking for the car ahead of me. Quite a few cars around Emory despite the closure.

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