Trackside Tavern Now (Re)Open

According to Trackside’s Facebook page (and J_T) the rebuilt tavern finally reopened to the public at 1pm today after a fire destroyed the space 2 1/2 years ago.

From the sounds of it, they’re hoping for a “soft open”.  Unfortunately, unless you do an “by invite only” sorta event, the internet easily turns a soft open into a pretty hardcore one in a matter of minutes!  Let the frivolity begin!

P.S.  Looks like Dave’s already there!  InDecatur’s got a nice pic of the interior posted if you’re interested.

10 thoughts on “Trackside Tavern Now (Re)Open”

  1. Thanks for the mention and the link, Sir!

    Doc Al and many others have done a great job building out the interior of the new building. There are many things to remind one of the old bar, but the new one is more open and as clean as any place in town. It’s open until 3AM if anyone would like to stop by and check it out.

    I’ll be producing a video montage tomorrow.

  2. I do not like the new Trackside. The floor is not sticky, the lights are too bright, and the people don’t smell like sweat and desperation.

    However, there was someone passed out on the floor of the men’s room on Saturday night at around 11:30pm, so maybe there’s hope yet.

    seriously though, turn the lights down a little. I felt like I was at Twain’s, and if I wanted to go to Twain’s I damn well would.

    1. I’d rather put up with a few brighter lights than a bunch of spoiled kids running around in a bar!

  3. LOVE the fact that no one under 21 is even allowed to walk through the door. I am desperately uncool and never went to Trackside before the fire, but we tried to stop by for a burger Saturday night and (again, because we are so uncool) learned that there is no table service. So I think I’ll stick with the Corner Pub.

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