Cakes & Ale Deemed 3rd Best Restaurant in Atlanta

The new issue of Atlanta Magazine is out – at least in the fish-wrap edition – with the top 50 restaurants in the metro Atlanta area according to food writer Bill Addison.

In it, he ranks Decatur’s Cakes & Ale #3, behind only Bacchanalia and Restaurant Eugene.  Here’s a blurb…

Lately Allin has taken more risks. The ingredients still lead, by the flavor combinations and depth of technique bring more thrills.  A riff on vitello tonnato married buttery slices of cold poached pork loin to a mayonnaise infused with escolar, an oily fish.  An arugula, fennel, and celery salad curtailed the richness.  Mediterranean gusto inspired a platter of lamb saddle for two with braised pole beans, herbed fregula (a larger cousin to couscous), tomato, and think, minted yogurt as a rustic sauce.  I can hardly imagine better lamb, – not too gamy, not too mild, cooked to a blush.

Other Decatur area restaurants on the distinguished list of 50?  Community Q BBQ, Taqueria del Sol, and Watershed (with the intro – “Sensational news: Watershed is once again a destination restaurant.).

9 thoughts on “Cakes & Ale Deemed 3rd Best Restaurant in Atlanta”

  1. Well deserved! Saw someone working late into the night at the new space. Floors are down, some fixtures are up!

  2. We completely agree with this rating! Our favorite little place to go for a great meal…even sitting at the bar, drinking a fabulous concoction from mixologist Corina (she’s the best around), is a memorable experience.

  3. Well deserved indeed.
    Been saying it for a few years.
    Treasure of a place for our fair city.
    Looking forward to the new space.

  4. Happy to hear this for Cakes & Ale. Very exciting for them. Not sure if the quote was typed correctly? Second sentence. Not trying to be a grammar police, but maybe I am being one.

  5. I will be able to say, I ate there when nobody knew who they were…BUT I had to tell everybody how great it was!
    I wonder if Sunday Dinner will stay on in the new location?

  6. My favorite food in Decatur, and I’m hoping the new location is more commensurate with the level of cooking going on in the kitchen.

  7. From the reviews, I can’t help but think 246 will be on the list a year from now. Very surprised that the Iberian Pig didn’t rank this time around.

    1. Just ate at 246. Creative, sophisticated and delicious food. Reminded me of New York or Chicago. Extremely busy for a Monday night. Young crowd. Noisy but not awful near the bar. Cucumber shrimp cold soup was so good that I could have eaten it forever. Chicken was amazingly tender, moist and delicious–don’t know how they did it. Lemon panna cotta was wonderfully tart but so smooth. Only thing that didn’t work for me was a latte so strong that it seemed more like an expresso with some froth on top. If I had drunken it all before I did some weekly shopping at the Big Kroger, I might have developed temporary mania and brought home $800 worth of groceries.

      Could overhear couple near us talking about what was on Decatur Metro recently. This blog has really woven itself into daily life in Decatur!

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