The Depeaux Up For Sale

The restaurant in Decatur’s saved historic icon is up for sale.  “SalMonela” points to the ad on The Schumaker Group’s website.

Decatur Freestanding 4300/sf Restaurant w/2 bars and Stage-Fully Equipped Turnkey -$1,000,000 Renovation & Build Out for $99K OBO! SEE ALL NEW PHOTO’S!

The Depeaux is located at 303 East Howard Avenue, Decatur, GA 30030. This Tavern restaurant is located by the Decatur Square….Over $1,000,000 was spent ground up on raw space of historic building with incredible character. This space was gutted completely and replaced with all brand new HVAC, electrical, plumbing, grease traps, and all new furniture, fixtures, equipment, bar, etc. Space is 4300/sf with seating for 100 with 15 seat bar plus outdoor seating for 80 with second bar and additional seating area. Owner has secured parking for over 70 cars.Long term sublease at $7,850 including all extras. Any concept works or keep as is. Priced at $99,000 with Owner Financing options. Seller lives out of state and is willing to lower price with some percentage of new business.

Note: this sounds like it’s the business that’s for sale, not the building.

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  1. I almost asked about Depeaux in FFAF – they were closed at 8 pm on Wednesday, so I was wondering if they were closed, period.

    I’m thinking I could buy it and turn it into a combination smoothie shop/mexican restaurant/irish pub/running shoe store.

  2. A million $$ was spent on renovations, eh? That explains a lot. The concept was great, and we were so happy when they opened– but they didn’t have any money left over to invest in training waitstaff or chefs, apparently. I’m sorry when anyone’s livelihood goes down, but honestly, you couldn’t help but know this was coming. *sigh* Well, maybe someone else will give it a go, and make it good this time. It’d be nice if the former owner of Redfish (used to be off Memorial) would take this over, and bring some really good Cajun food here.

  3. Redfish would be nice, but a satellite location of Gumbeaux’s (Douglasville) would be better…albeit not for my waistline.

      1. Far and away the best cajun/creole happening in metro ATL, IMO. So worth the drive (thankfully, my inlaws live in Carrollton, so we pass it frequently).

  4. I’d kind of like a place like the old Depot – I recall some really fun bluegrass bands there. We don’t have any bluegrass to speak of in Decatur. How about (good) barbeque and bluegrass?

    Hmmmm.. Isn’t there a festival for that?

    Too small for Trader Joe’s I guess.

    1. Last Friday at Eddie’s Attic, Leah Calvert of the Dappled Grays said Twain’s will be hosting bluegrass jams the last Wed. of every month. They’ve got a Facebook Group: Atlanta’s Got Roots, or see the entry at

    2. Bluegrass in Decatur – check out PACKWAY HANDLE, a GREAT bluegrass band, scheduled for Eddie’s Attic in mid-February. Check Eddie’s Attic website.

  5. Yes, it sucks for the owners. I feel their pain. I think bringing back the Freight Room or having the Trackside move in there would be great. It does need a bigger deck though.

    1. FREIGHT ROOM= underage drinking for Nelliebelle
      TRACKSIDE= underage drinking for Nelliebelle

      Sounds like two good options

  6. The building is on a 40-year lease from the city of Decatur if this article is accurate:

    Its interesting that the owner also bought the Spencer’s Tires building (now to be Hooray for Clay), and was working on securing a third property… The economy and indefinite delay of the Trinity Triangle project wouldn’t help, but sounds the owner just overextended. Not to mention that the food wasn’t great!

    1. How can they sell the space when they do not own it? If a business is taking over the lease, that’s a lot of money. We do not want the same to happen – bad food, serve and plenty more.

      1. the seller invested $1M in getting that property ready to open. Now he is asking $99K to “pass the torch” to someone new and to get them to take over the remainder of the 40 year sub lease he is on the hook for…..

    2. I may totally be mis-remembering this, but I seem to recall that whoever agreed to take on the renovations would get an extra sweet lease deal (like $1 a year?). I have no authority for this other than my very leaky memory, though.

  7. Trackside should open there. Space for pool tables, food, 2 bars and cool outdoor space. Definitely a good fit for Trackside.

  8. Tried to go there Friday night for my Birthday with a group of 15 people to have drinks and listen to the band, turns out they lost their liquor license last week due to not paying taxes. Needless to say I was very dissapointed. I will not be attempting to go back, the place smelled like a toilet bowl…

  9. We took my MIL there last weekend and while I enjoyed the food, the service was terrible. I’ve enjoyed going there and it’s a great location, but it’s always had a terrible smell and the service has never been good. What a waste. While the reno on the architecture was fabulous, and I love the church pew idea, the decor was also terrible–like they went out and bought a bunch of signs and pictures to make it look authentic but failed miserably. I really hope someone with VERY GOOD TASTE buys it and makes the most of it.

    My husband and son were biking past Depeaux one morning to find about 20 crawfish running for their lives in the grass. They brought one home as a pet. Good times!

  10. whoever buys this place needs to offer valet parking. I think that really hurt it from the get go. That and the food and service…a six feet under it is not….

  11. CSD Mom,
    Having had crawfish running through my own home… husband’s from LA, we thought of them as pets, need I say more….I know how determined these little crustaceans can be. But we had invited them into our home…. I love the serendipity of your story. Word to the wise, you may want to put a screen on the top of your tank!

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