Replacement Bands Needed for Porchfest

oakhurst porchfest

Hey there, bands and musicians. Did you have every intention of signing up for Porchfest but then you forgot? Or maybe you found out about it after registration closed. Either way, looks like we’ve got a tiny little opportunity for you to rectify that.

Due to cancellations, we’ve currently got one 2-3pm spot and one 3-4pm spot available for our Sunday, October 18th event. If you want one, send the following to oakhurstporchfest[at] as soon as possible:

Band or Performer Name
Contact Name
Contact Email
Contact Phone
Short description of your sound, style or basic vibe

The spots will be given on a first come, first serve basis. Any submissions received after that will go on a wait-list in case we have any further cancellations.

5 thoughts on “Replacement Bands Needed for Porchfest”

    1. Come see The Skylarks on Adams St. between 3:00 and 4:00, we will be featuring a ’Mats classic. (BTW, my college band at Florida State opened for the ’Mats on the Let It Be tour).

  1. Let me guess… Sydney Rhame can’t make it since she’s on her way to well deserved fame on The Voice!? :o)

    1. Au contraire! Sydney remains one of our many splendid performers and has been granted a particularly generous porch / front yard to accommodate all superfans.

      1. That’s fantastic! I really thought she would be tied up with commitments to the show after being selected! We are so fortunate to get to see her again before her career takes off!

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