Yoforia Coming To Church Street?

Two comments under the recent “Yogurt Tap” post assert that trendy Yoforia is also coming to Church Street in the coming months.

Sam seems especially sure…

This is 100% true. My best friend is the owner and he told me Yoforia is coming. And it is also on Church Street.

Nothing on the Yoforia website yet though.

OK, so first question…where on Church Street?  My first official guess will be the old Atlanta Bread Company space.

Second question, if frozen yogurt shops will soon outnumber churches along this street shouldn’t we petition a name change?

8 thoughts on “Yoforia Coming To Church Street?”

  1. Man! Yoforia will come, but Trader Joe’s won’t? *sigh*

    Well, it’ll at least be interesting to see which frozen treat emporium emerges successful– I love fro-yo as much as anyone, but can downtown support 2 of these shops within less than a square city block of each other? (I personally will be more frequently patronizing whichever one that offers something resembling the taste of Colombo’s product– I kinda have to be in the mood for Yoforia’s stuff…)

  2. Sigh. This has happened before…for years there was nothing but Dairy Queen and McDonalds as ice cream providers in town. Someone tried gelato where Cafe Lily isnow is but that disappeared quickly. Then all of a sudden there was Jakes, Ashfords, and Cold Stone Creamery. Too much ice cream for one little town so Ashfords went under. Jakes eventually did too but probably more because of poor management by the parent company than because of the Decatur owners, Andrew and Moira, who ran a delightful, busy active store. Not sure why Cold Stone left.

    Then we had nothing. Now all of a sudden we’ve got Yogurt Tap, Yofuria, frozen yogurt at Greene’s, and ice cream at Cafe Cliche. Was someone serious that there will also be TCBY in the Tossed Space? Undoubtedly this will be too much frozen confection for Decatur, especially in this economy, and someone will be going under.

    I’ve seen this famine-feast-famine happen with coffee shops and bookstores in Decatur too. Is there any way that prospective entrepreneurs could share their ideas ahead of time with one another, or at least with the city, so they don’t do one another in. Maybe the guys bringing in the fifth new frozen yogurt shop in a month was also considering a children’s shoe shop and could quickly switch business models before investing their life savings into something being replicated all over town.

    I really want to support bookstores, coffee shops, bakeries, ice cream shoppes, candy stores, running shoe suppliers, etc. in Decatur whenever possible. But I’d rather support one or two of each concurrently instead of sequential waves of the same thing. There’s only so much coffee I can drink or ice cream I can eat at once.

  3. I love Yoforia … I hope Sam’s friend isn’t pulling his leg 😉 But I think the Atlanta Bread location is too big for such a tiny shop (unless they divide out a small slice)… and yes the TCBY was a joke. Unfortunately the latest rumor is to combine Countrywide & Tossed into some sort of Kaiser Permanente clinic :p

  4. Some felt the same way when San Francisco Coffee Roasting opened its third location two doors down from Javamonkey. Apparently people perceived it to be a non-local chain, though. Incidentally, Andrew & Maura returned the former Decatur Jake’s location to Jake years ago, and he was the one that chose to close it. I sorely miss Ashton’s as well…not just for the amazing ice cream but because Luma created a comfortable (well, maybe not so much in the summer) space unlike any other since. Perhaps it was just too far ahead of its time. I believe the Cold Stone franchise owner ran out of cash and closed multiple locations at once (much like Tropical Smoothie Café); I think our Cold Stone location did better than others.

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