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Decatur lawyer and District 1 commission candidate James Radford writes in to let Decaturites know that his campaign now has it’s own Facebook page.  James says he plans to use the page to “discuss issues facing Decatur, and to provide information on campaign events.”

Radford also has a campaign blog, which can be found here.

47 thoughts on “James Radford Campaign on Facebook”

  1. I don’t live in the city limits so consider this comment non-political…this is the weirdest political pic ever. Is he running for Madonna of Decatur, Chief Peacock, or best Round Scrabble player?

  2. I’ll accept any of those three positions in addition to the Commission! “Chief Peacock” sounds especially fun.

    FYI, this pic was taken in a Catholic shrine in Albuquerque, New Mexico. We just really liked the colors and the composition of this photograph. I realize its not a typical campaign photo, but we like it. 🙂

  3. If elected to the position of Chief Peacock, will he do something about the oft-discussed bird noises on the square?

  4. James has my early vote, if nothing else, for his sense of humor. Most ‘politicians” take themselves way to seriously.

  5. I have to say at first I thought it was a Scientology thing–whew, am I glad I was wrong.

    1. My initial thought was “oh no…some creepy megachurch followers taking over the town”.
      Perhaps a bit paranoid but being born and raised in New England we’re really taught to be skeptical of people that blindly follow any type of religous organization. (trancendentalism and the ideas of Ralph Waldo Emerson, Henry David Thoreau, Margaret Fuller etc. permeated our social upbringing)
      So my initial negative reaction was a byproduct of my own conditioning. 🙂

  6. This photo just makes me have to ask if James Radford is old enough to vote. He sure doesn’t look like it!

  7. What a strange photo – how exactly is that young lady hovering several inches above the seat..? And what is up with the candle?

  8. Looks like the candle is a Catholic Saint/Angel candle though the picture is too low res to figure out who is on it. Weird that she does have the ability to hover like that…

  9. She levitates like that because she is a zombie…. like us.

    Forget Zombies for Rob…….Zombies for Rob and James!!!!!!

    BTW, when does the zombie movie come out?

  10. Ha!

    I hereby pledge that I am not a member of any strange religious organization. As noted above, we just liked the color and composition of this photo so we decided to use it for campaign press. I have to say, I’m intrigued that its garnered such interest!

    And I never noticed how Amy appears to be sort of hovering here. That is odd. I have no explanation.

    1. I think that’s right. Or there may have been another little stoop right in front of the window for candles, etc. This was at a little Catholic shrine in New Mexico.

    2. Also the light coming from the left looks like a magician’s trick that gives the viewer the sensation that the sitter is floating.
      All in all a very interesting photo–good luck James.

  11. Recommended campaign slogan:

    “My wife can levitate at will. No other candidate’s spouse has that ability.”

    P.S. Best of luck, James.

  12. Witty comments aside, I would like to know more about Mr. Radford and why he should get my vote since I like in District 1. Between his Facebook and blog pages, I still have learned very little about him and why he wants to be Commissioner, contrast that with everything available on Kyle Williams.

    1. DMF. Over the coming weeks and months, I plan to disseminate more on my views of the issues and why I am running. I’m talking to as many people as I can, researching our city’s issues and policies, and, most of all, listening, so that, when the time comes, I can articulate something coherent for the voters’ consideration.

      1. Look closer at the chick shaking her cans. I’ll give you a hint, its not the wife.

  13. MC D-bags,

    Where’s the sense of humor? If you post a video of yourself dancing in drag with your buddy in clown makeup on youtube, why not share it with the electorate? So much for a candid campaign.

  14. I may change it to, someone stole my name. I guess he’s not that into disseminating after all, given the fact he’s frantically removing these videos. Did Decatur just lose a nerdy white rapper in favor of another image bending politician??? So sad.

  15. Please J-Rad a/k/a MC Travel, bring back for the world your hillarious cross-dressing video for your YouTube hit “Pouty Face”. Thirty Six Thousand viewers can’t be wrong! Don’t let a few bad apples ruin it for the bunch.

    1. Very bizarre, indeed. I have no idea who is making these comments, and I apologize for apparently attracting them. I guess this sort of demonstrates the downside to anonymous blog commenting.

      I helped an actor/comedian friend of mine make a series of funny youtube videos for his portfolio several years ago. Whoever is making these comments apparently found them and thought they were embarrassing to me. They are pretty silly and dumb, to be honest. And now I am, actually, a little embarrassed that I’ve attracted this kind of commenting to such a great blog. When I saw the comments, I deleted the youtube account with the videos. I take this campaign very seriously and certainly don’t want something like this to be a distraction from the issues that are important to our city.

      1. Whoever it is, they’ve a lot time on their hands. I wouldn’t let it bother you though–the internet, and particularly the blogs, are full of trolls that should be dealt with by flat out ignoring them.
        DM back me up on this, right?

        1. Absolutely. Not Interested talked a big, coy game and just linked to a YouTube video of a bunch of guys fooling around. Shocking. At least now I know that James has a good sense of humor.

          Frankly I’m now more interested in whoever is taking the time and effort to submarine James. It doesn’t even look like him in the video, so this must be someone he knows personally from these younger days and who also lives in the area, since they know about the campaign. The list can’t be that long. Go sniff ’em out James.

          But but for right now I think we need to be more concerned with Scott being bored than anything else. For god sakes, does someone have some complicated zoning issue to address!?!

      2. I want to see how you look in drag.

        Don’t embarrassed by the way. This is Decatur. Drag is perfectly acceptable around here.

      3. James, as long as you’re not videoing yourself “hiking the Appalachian Trail” with some doe-eyed trollop who isn’t your wife, you could dance in drag as Carmen Miranda, and if your stand on the issues jibes with mine (or even if it doesn’t, and it still makes sense to me), I’d vote for you.

        Now, go forth and campaign. (And don’t overlook the drag queen vote. Like Nelliebelle said, drag queens are fierce around these parts!)

  16. The life and death of a candidate courtesy of anonymous posters. Born 6/29/2009. Died 7/1/2009.

    Not Impressed aka Bring Back Pouty Face . . . . Kyle, that ain’t you behind the curtain is it? Say it ain’t so?

    1. I gotta say, news of this death has been greatly exaggerated. A perfect example of distraction — trying to paint some mindless fun/idiocy in a nefarious light.

      Gosh! Why would I be interested in legitimate issues when I can make up my mind on the basis of some harmless dorking out on YouTube?

      That level of politics deserves the fake, teflon politicians it ends up with. I say dork out all you want, James. I’ll reserve my opinion until you, and the other candidates, start laying out your agendas.

      In the meantime, consider me bored by the “Scandal of the Week.”

  17. Wow. I am overwhelmed by this very strange but very engaged comment thread.

    Thanks for all the great comments.

    In case anyone else is in the mood for some evening distraction, enjoy this little number, written, filmed and edited all within downtown Decatur by me and some of my friends.


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