UPDATED – Development Questions: Clairmont & the Hop-n-Shop


We’ve received a couple of questions from readers and commenters the last couple of days that may be answered most easily by opening it up to the mob.  (That’s you!)

First a question about some plywood action up on Clairmont Road north of North Decatur Road…

I recently noticed that all the houses between Emory Clairmont campus and the Gables apartment complex have been purchased and boarded up. Any idea what’s going on there?

UPDATE: This question has been answered in the comments.  It’s the John Wieland Homes “luxury townhome” development, “The Mews North Decatur“.


And then this comment from Keith F in FFAF from this morning…

Oakhurst Neighborhood Association meeting is tonight and in the reminder yesterday it says one of the topics is “Hop-n-Shop redevelopment.” First I’ve heard anything about this. Does anyone know more details?

Whatcha got you glorious, faceless crowd?

Hop-n-Stop photo courtesy of Google Streetview

Mews graphic courtesy of John Wieland Homes

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  1. The Clairmont houses north of N Decatur Rd are part of a John Wieland town home development. Some of those are nice houses, others not so much. The new plan will have 81 units.

    1. Here’s a link to some minutes:


      1. Thanks. Here’s the webpage for the project, called “The Mews North Decatur”


          1. It’s Brit jargon for “alley” or a backstreet. I suspect that Wieland is just using it because it sounds “exclusive”–but given its actual meaning, notsa much.

          2. Those are the sounds little tiny kittens make, resulting in the follow-up human response, “aww.”

            1. I thought it was something that gives one inspiration for creating music or a pretty painting or whatnot.

    2. For real??? I always think of John Wieland developments as being out in the suburbs. Thanks for the info and link below.

      1. They’re working to get the hang of it. In fact they recently released this rendering for their downtown Decatur townhomes at Howard and Hilyer. At least to my aesthetics, they’re quite lovely and appropriate to their context. Of course, they’re expensive as all get out, but that’s a different issue.


        (It does show them with a weird front yard. Not sure what that’s about. They’ll actually be adjacent to the sidewalk like a normal brownstone.)

        1. Thanks for this info. I didn’t know the Howard/Hilyer townhouses were John Wieland!!! You’re right; they seem to get the ITP/Decatur aesthetic.

          1. They’re not all Wieland. The currently unbuilt side of the street, directly next to Color Wheel, are the Wieland homes. The other side of Hilyer, currently being built, is Monte Hewitt.

      2. Speaking of Weiland Homes, the development across from the High Museum appears to have finally broken ground. I think one of the units will be a personal residence for Weiland and his wife (they’re major art supporters). Talk about expensive as all get out…

      3. “I always think of John Wieland developments as being out in the suburbs.”

        They’re shifting their focus to intown. They recently developed a project on the eastside Beltline called Highland Park, there’s a townhome development planned for Memorial Dr. near the Beltline, and, as I mentioned above, the very expensive One Museum Place in Midtown.

  2. Hop n Shop will be expanding the Funyuns snack section, increasing variety of lotto tickets, and will also, bowing to neighborhood pressure, add an organic, free-range, fair trade, takeout sushi cooler.

    1. Ain’t nothin’ wrong with Funyuns. If loving Funyuns is wrong, I don’t wanna be right!

      1. It’s the Funyuns bags on the ground that feed the ill will. When I lived in Oakhurst, there was always plenty of trash to pick up in and near my front yard and most of it was Funyun bags and scratch-off tickets.

  3. Must be hard to be a 17 year old DHS student in this era. “Back in my day” we could buy beer from Hop-n-Shop without worrying about seeing curious parents out to dinner, or crossing paths with the lady who just joined mom’s book club pushing a stroller down the sidewalk. How far do kids these day have to drive to buy hooch in relative privacy?

  4. Starship Enterprises bought out Terrapin Station’s inventory and will move it and their own inventory into the Hop ‘n’ Shop after a quick renovation (i. e. painting the windows black).

  5. You’re supposed to come me to the now quarterly ONA meeting tonight to get the details on Hop n Shop. Shhh – messing with the bait.

  6. So what’s going on with the Hop N Shop? Some may make fun, but I think they really do a good job as our neighborhood convenience store. Their product selection has really improved over the years.

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