Las Brasas Owner Telling Customers They Are Moving to Burnt Fork Space

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A few weeks back, we helped spread the word that Las Brasas was looking for a new space in downtown Decatur.

Now we have learned from multiple independent sources that owner, John Koechlin, is telling customers that Las Brasas will be moving into the old Burnt Fork BBQ space at the corner of Church Street and Commerce Drive in May or June.

Many of you voiced a preference for this location, so it sounds like you’ll be getting your wish!

Phone calls and emails to Mr. Koechlin have not yet been returned, but we have received many first-hand accounts from customers.

19 thoughts on “Las Brasas Owner Telling Customers They Are Moving to Burnt Fork Space”

  1. Further North!? Boo hiss. Nah, just kidding. Best of luck to Las Brasas. (Southside rules though.)

  2. Perfect they are now the closest restaurant to the house, and will be able to have a large seating area, if they just serve beer …………..

  3. AWESOME news!!! They needed the extra space, and it’ll be nice for them to have more in-house seating. SO glad they’re staying in COD!

  4. I’m SO glad they are staying in Decatur. I do think that having eat-in service will add a whole new level of activities and I hope they can hire the necessary staff. The family always looks overworked to me (but still pleasant and cheerful!) even in the old, just take-out location. And I can’t blame them if they add alcohol. It doesn’t seem like eat-in eateries survive often in Downtown Decatur without alcohol.

    1. Thanks for your support! You have got to love what you do to work for 12 hours a day and wear a smile on your face. Trust me, they do it because they believe that their food makes people happy – that is it.
      – Daughter/Long Beach, CA

  5. When this was Burnt Fork, I never figured out the parking, besides the few tiny spaces in front. Is there a decent sized lot for this restaurant on the side or behind?

    1. There are about a dozen spots behind the restaurant. I live north of there so it’s a (sorta) easy right turn off of Church, across the length of the front, then around to the back. Turning left off of Church into that lot, (or turning left out of it), at dinnertime, would be aggravating at best. Much easier to get in there by turning right off of Clairmont onto Williams St.

  6. I think Dish Dive is doing just fine with great food and a BYOB policy. Couldn’t Las Brasas do the same?

  7. There is parking in the back of the building as well as the few spaces in the front.

  8. Isn’t there a drive-thru window at that location? I wonder if they will be able to use it. Drive-thru Las Brasas would be amazing!

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