Presidential Visit To CDC Will Affect Traffic Around Clifton Road Tomorrow Afternoon

From the Druid Hills website…

President Obama and other officials are expected to visit the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention on Clifton Road tomorrow, Tuesday, September 16, for a briefing about the CDC’s response efforts to Ebola in West Africa.

Traffic will be severely affected along the entire Clifton Corridor and in surrounding areas for several hours Tuesday afternoon, beginning around 2 pm. Seek alternative routes and avoid the area if possible!

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  1. Does anyone have specifics on which roads will be closed or “rolling road blocked”? I have to be at Emory PT school and I park at the parking deck right by CDC from 4:30-8:30 tomorrow. I can ride my bike and/or take alternate routes but sounds like I’m heading to the center of the chaos!

  2. Here is what the Clifton School announced.

    Neighbors – here’s what the Clifton School shared with families on Friday re: Obama’s visit and street closures:
    We have been informed of the arrival of President Obama to the CDC campus on Tuesday, September 16, 2014. The CDC security team has notified us that the entire CDC/Clifton Corridor will be shut down at 3:00pm for 30 minutes to one hour and again at 5:00pm. When the corridor is shut down no one will be allowed to enter or leave the area. In addition, there will be no entry or exit allowed on The Clifton School at Clifton campus. The school will be open to families; however we expect high volumes of traffic and long delays. We have been asked by CDC security to recommend that families pick up their children prior to 1:00pm on Tuesday. Please note: it is only recommended that you pick up your children early. If you are unable to pick up your children early we are able to provide care as usual during our normal operating hours. Thank you for your cooperation, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have.

    1. We got the same message from Druid Hills High School. Clifton Road closed for 30 minutes to an hour at 3:00, and again at 5:00. No one will be allowed to enter or leave during these times. This should be fun since dismissal is at 3:10.

  3. Thank you, AMB! I just found similar information on Decaturish. Trying to figure out what to do with the class and all those students now!

  4. What an inept man, If hes not playing golf hes making unnecessary trip, wasting taxpayers money.It’s amaziing that he doesn’t have time to even mention or attend thge funeral of our American
    troop, not even General Greens after he was killed in Aghan\stain .

    Whats the reason for his visit didn’t his wife just visit Atlanta. Why didn’t she visit the
    CDC andf let him know that yes, it’s still there.
    Our president is the laughing stock of the world.


  5. I knew the yahoos would be out in force. Never takes long for Obama Derangement Syndrome to manifest.
    CDC is a federal agency and its members are in the forefront of fighting this deadly disease. A presidential trip is an acknowledgement of their service and dedication.
    But the cost and the inconvenience aren’t really the problems there, are they?

    1. Like it or not we are going to send Saddam Hussain Muslim Obama back to Nigeria in November so he can’t be elected a 3rd time! Where is his birth certificate he was born in Ghana!

  6. So what’s tghe bozo president going to tell them? Oh.
    , I know you are doing a good job .Goto go have a tee time. Hop can any one support
    this president? Only those with their heads in the sand,

            1. Oh, wait, I messed that up. I was thinking about incendiary, not hateful. Sorry, DM. Sorry, readers. There’s a fine line between quick wit and half wit.

        1. Waaaaah! Are you suggesting we can’t criticize elected officials, including the worst president in US history?

  7. “Judging from comment sections here and on our other local blogs, this just might be the new Decatur.”

    Based on what, one comment (which might be a parody; it’s so poorly written it seems intentionally stupid) and several others mocking it? And the other two are obviously meant to be sarcastic.

  8. I am very grateful, as a member of the team at Emory treating the heros who are fighting Ebola at its source, that my President is visiting as an indication of the seriousness with which we are, and should be, taking this outbreak.
    Nurses, lab personnel and physicians are working hard around the clock to make sure we treat these patients with utmost care and at the same time keep ourselves and our community safe.
    I am sorry for the traffic inconvenience, but if I get to shake that mans hand today, it will be with an enormous amount of gratitude.

    1. Around the interwebs much of the reaction was so incredibly negative (I’m embarrassed to say even from a “licensed” (meaning supposedly well educated) coworker of mine in the medical field), about bringing the Ebola patients here.

      My response was how incredibly cool it would be if not only could their lives be saved from researchers and doctors in our city, but the potential going forward to save millions of lives. If you read this, please know that there are many people that are really proud of your hard work. Decades from now and probably even hundreds of years as new diseases will no doubt continue to mutate or crop up, people will be studying the efforts made by all involved and I hope you do get to shake his hand! Since I hate getting all serious so early in the day, I’m leaving this with “you guys fcking rock, thanks to all!”

      1. “Around the interwebs much of the reaction was so incredibly negative (I’m embarrassed to say even from a “licensed” (meaning supposedly well educated) coworker of mine in the medical field), about bringing the Ebola patients here.”

        That’s because formal education does not necessarily supply emotional control. In other words, educated people are just as likely to succumb to hysterical over-reactions. Frankly, in my view, they are probably even more likely to wildly exaggerate risk. That’s all you have here — the risk of bringing the patients to Emory was very low, but it wasn’t zero, and that plus the inherent fear surrounding Ebola created some pockets of hysteria.

    2. With you a million percent!!! And thank you for your very important work–health workers are heroes!

  9. I’ve worked at CDC for more than 20 years and I’ve seen presidents from both parties visit. It is pretty much the same scenario each time so I learned long ago to telework on these days or to work from another CDC campus. Since CDC is a federal agency, I don’t begrudge either party’s presidents from paying visits. I get a bit more upset when one of them rolls into town during rush hour for a fund raiser.

    I also learned long ago to telework on any day when Emory holds a graduation ceremony. The two are equivalent in snarling traffic, although as the years go by Clifton gets more crowded as Emory, CDC, and various condo/apartment/retail developers expand while Briarcliff, North Decatur, and Clifton Road remain static. North Decatur lost a couple of lanes from the law school down into the village a few years back.

    As the old saying goes, it’s so crowded now that nobody goes there anymore.

    1. So crowded near those places, that buying a house in affordable Medlock Park / Clairemont Heights just seems like a financially no lose scenario

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