Decatur To Unveil First Draft Plans For Children’s Home Property

A big moment for Decatur’s big property with big potential is here.

The city has announced over on the Decatur Next website that they’ll be unveiling the first draft for the United Methodist Children’s Home 77-acre property next Monday, April 30th from 6p-8p in the Ebster Rec Center gym.

The draft comes after two months of kickoffs, civic dinners and workshops.

The post also notes that over $40 mil has already been spent on the site in recent months so cost in the near-term is a very important consideration.  As such, the site notes “…the most viable strategies will be dependent on the strength of partnerships we’re able to forge — local authorities and institutions, nonprofit organizations, developers, community foundations, or others able to bring both financial and operational resources to the table.”

Should be very interesting to see what the community has come up with!

Decatur Chosen as Finalist for All-America City Award

The city’s Communication Specialist Renae Madison writes in…

I am happy to announce that the City of Decatur has been chosen as one of 20 finalist for this year’s All-America City Award.

The award, given to 10 communities each year, celebrates and recognizes neighborhoods, villages, towns, cities, counties, tribes and regions that engage residents in innovative, inclusive and effective efforts to tackle critical challenges. Attached you will find the city’s finalist logo and a press release with additional information. More information about the award can be found here,

You can see the full list of cities HERE.  It extends from Decatur, which is only 22,000 people, all the way up to San Antonio, TX – the 7th largest city in the country.

Decatur Neighborhood Clean Up Days Underway!

Hey all – been meaning to point out that Decatur’s annual “Neighborhood Clean Up Days” are underway!  It’s easy to miss, so look for your street below and put a reminder on your phone.

Apologies to Lenox Place and Westchester, who’s Clean Up days have passed.

Photo courtesy of the City of Decatur

Great Lakes – March 24, 2018
Clairemont Avenue (100 to 800 block)
Champlain Street
Seneca Street
Erie Avenue
Huron Street
Michigan Avenue
Superior Avenue
Lucerne Street
Geneva Street
Superior Avenue (400 to 600 block)
Church Street (600 Block To 1335)
Willow Lane
Pensdale Road
Eastland Drive
Parkside Circle
Landover Drive
Ferndale Avenue
North Decatur Road
Scott Blvd (800 to 1300 Block)

Great Lakes –March 31, 2018
Clarion Avenue
Nelson Ferry Road Woodlawn Avenue Coventry Road(Nelson Ferry to Scott Blvd) Fairfield Street (Coventry to Woodlawn)
Vidal Blvd.
Lamont Drive
Garden Lane
Beaumont Avenue
Oakland Street
Montgomery Street
Fairview Avenue
Ponce de Leon Place
Northern Avenue
Wilton Drive

Decatur Heights Neighborhood – April 07, 2018
Barry Street
North Candler Street
Pate Street
East Maple Street
Village Walk
Sycamore Street
East Ponce de Leon Ave. (400 to 1100 Block)
Ponce de Leon Court
Hillyer Place
Sycamore Place
Oak Lane
Mountain View Street
Hillcrest Avenue
Springdale Street Continue reading “Decatur Neighborhood Clean Up Days Underway!”

UPDATE: DeKalb Water Main Break Open Thread

UPDATE: Decatur Schools are closed today.

Many Decatur residents woke up to no water this morning. And an announcement from the City Schools of Decatur that reads…

A county-wide water outage is impacting all of our schools. City Schools of Decatur will operate on a two-hour delay today, March 7, 2018, to give us time to assess the situation. All start times for schools and staff as well as scheduled bus pick-up times will be delayed by two hours. Students participating in early morning activities will be contacted by someone from their school. Please prepare for the possibility that school could be canceled. We will send updates as soon as we receive additional information

Over on the Oakhurst Facebook Message Board, Decatur residents are reporting low pressure to no water at all.

A water main break up on Buford Highway is causing the problem.  DeKalb County is also now asking residents to boil water.

The outage seems to be somewhat isolated, as DeKalb County Schools noted that 15 of it’s schools were affected and that students would be transferred to other schools if water wasn’t restored.

Use this thread to report on your water situation and which businesses are impacted (or NOT impacted) by the low-to-no water situation.

City Promotes From Within To Fill Key Roles

From the City’s Communications Specialist Renae Madison…

Effective February 12, Russ Madison, current Revenue & Technology Director will become the Finance Director with responsibilities for leading and managing the revenue and accounting divisions of the Administrative Services Department, as well as continuing his responsibilities with technology.  Also, effective February 12, Meredith Roark, current Budget & Performance Measurement Director will become the City Clerk, incorporating her existing duties and taking over responsibilities for elections, records administration and other duties such as certifying documents.

“I am glad that we have internal talent who are able to step-up and assist the organization in making a transition” said City Manager Peggy Merriss, “I am confident that Russ and Meredith will do an excellent job.”

Russ Madison has been with the City for 10 years and has an associate’s degree in intelligence operations from Cochise College, a bachelor of arts in political science from Emory University, and a master’s degree in public administration from the University of Georgia. Meredith Roark has been with the City for 11 years and has a BBA in economics from the University of Georgia and an MS in public policy from Georgia Tech.

The City will soon be recruiting to fill a new Accountant position to complete the team in  the Finance Division of Administrative Services.

Photo courtesy of City of Decatur website

Decatur Schools Announce One Make Up Day

Got this note from our Elementary School this morning…

Last night, the board decided to only have us make up one day.  The teacher work day on March 12th will now be a regular school day. You will have the full February break (as of today).

Decatur Hometown Hero Needs Our Assistance!

A GoFundMe page has been created to help Decatur Hometown Hero Eli Dodson pay for his medical bills after spending time in the hospital for an infection back in December.

Here’s a full description of Eli’s situation posted on the GoFundMe page.  They are looking to raise $25,000 for Eli and contributions have already surpassed $10,000!

Our friend and neighbor, Eli Dodson, needs our help. “Mr. Eli,” as the neighborhood kids call him, has been in the hospital battling a life threatening infection since the week before Christmas. He has now pulled through and has been moved out of ICU and is slowly but steadily recovering. However, the percentage of the medical bills not covered by Eli’s insurance is growing by the day, and he is still in the hospital. Once he is able to come home, he will need home health care for several months. When he is stronger, he will need surgery with additional recovery time.

Eli has been a resident of Feld Avenue since 1987 and has seen his beloved Oakhurst neighborhood change and grow over three decades. He loves Decatur and his neighbors, old and new.

Continue reading “Decatur Hometown Hero Needs Our Assistance!”