Harbour Bar & Fish House Changes Name to Harbour House Pub

Sean Keenan, the owner of Harbour Bar & Fish House on Church Street tells DM that the restaurant is changing its name and it’s focus a bit to respond to customer feedback.  Here’s the announcement.

And check out the new menu HERE.

WE LISTENED Our team at Harbour took our customers’ compliments, suggestions and requests, and found a common thread: You would like some options besides seafood!

NEW MENU Chef Christian Speigal introduces our signature house ground beef and house smoked meats. Our organic beef comes from the grass-fed cows of Brasstown Farms, born, raised and fed on organic grass creating a flavorful beef like no other! A great advantage to house ground beef is that Chef Christian selects the single piece of meat to grind, and knows its quality and origination. In our case, our house ground blend includes brisket and chuck beef. In addition to the best burgers, we also make our own sausages and house smoked pastrami.

SIGNATURE SEAFOOD Your favorite ocean items will be on the menu, and our locally sourced, organic meats will serve as complimentary ingredients to some favorites such as our Shrimp, Andouille and Grits.

LOCAL BREWS As a small, independent business, we feel it is important to support other local and independent businesses whenever possible. In addition to our food items, we use that same philosophy choosing our draft beer selection. We carry Georgia Craft Beers including Wild Heaven, Blue Tarp, Sweetwater, Terrapin, Monday Night Brewing, Jailhouse, and Red Hare.

LIVE MUSIC Local Musicians will provide energetic entertainment with full bands to play after dinner on Friday and Saturday nights.

SEAN KEENAN, Owner www.harbourdecatur.com

Atlanta Food Critics Gang Up and Love On Decatur

Geez…remember when there was an actual conversation about the best food neighborhood in the Atlanta metro?  Apparently that battle has been waged and won if you ask Atlanta food critics, as Eater did to round out ol’ 2013.  Here’s a pinch…

Q: What was the best dining neighborhood in 2013?
Austin Louis Ray, writer:
If there’s a neighborhood in the Atlanta metro area that beats the food-and-drink murderer’s row—Taqueria, Farm Burger, Chai Pani, The Pinewood, Sawicki’s, Brick Store, 246, Leon’s, Cakes & Ale, Victory, Paper Plane, Twain’s, Kimball House—in Decatur… Actually, there just isn’t.

Bob Townsend, Atlanta Journal Constitution:
Decatur for community, quality, diversity, walkability, drinkability and a MARTA stop smack dab in the middle of it all.

Jennifer Zyman, Creative Loafing:

John Kessler, Atlanta Journal Constitution
Decatur, because people are more and more heading into town first, then seeing where they can get a table or what kind of progressive meal they can assemble. It has a texture (and cocktail scene) unlike anywhere else in town.

And it keeps on going.  Check it…if you’re into such things.

Recycle Your Christmas Tree at Agnes Scott Thru January 10th

UPDATE:  Apparently recycling will be available until Jan 10th via the city.  (I just am cursed with Public Works announcements lately, it seems!)

From the City of Decatur website…

Recycle your Christmas treet at the Christmas Tree Recycling Center at Agnes Scott College parking lot, Friday, Dec. 27 through Sunday, Jan. 5. The entrance to the parking lot is between 184 and 206 S. Candler St.

Please do not leave your Christmas trees anywhere else on the ASC campus. For information call 404-377-5571.

11Alive Features Adams Family Home Video of 1940-1950s Decatur

Shortly after we posted Allison’s first 1940s home video last week, 11Alive’s Doug Richards reached out to see if we could get him in touch with Allison so they could do a feature.  And here it is!

Two Burglaries Reported on South Columbia Drive Late Last Week

From Decatur PD’s Jennifer Ross…

On 12-27-13 at approximately 9:35pm, a burglary was reported in the 400 block of South Columbia Drive. The homeowners heard a front window being broken out and then noticed the power was off inside of the house. A purse was taken from the table inside of the broken window. The power had been switched off from the exterior power box. The purse and some contents were recovered the following morning near a wooded area on Talley Street.v

On 12-28-13 at approximately 3:20pm, a burglary was reported in the 300 block of South Columbia Drive. The homeowner noticed a rear door that is frequently left unlocked to be ajar and a jacket that should have been inside of the home on the ground outside. The homeowner then noticed an item had been moved in one of the bedrooms and credit cards were missing. The homeowner recalled going outside for a short period of time the previous evening at approximately 9:30pm and was unsure when the burglary occurred.

Circumstances surrounding these two burglaries indicate the suspect was most probably on foot and checking for unsecured entry points as well as looking into windows to find items of value. Burglars will turn off the power from exterior power boxes in an attempt to circumvent alarm systems. According to Georgia Power Customer Service, a homeowner can choose to place a lock on the exterior switch box. However, in the event of a fire the exterior power switch would need to be accessed to shut off power so locking the box is not recommended. The decision is up to the individual homeowner. Other preventative measures homeowners can take are to make sure all doors and windows are locked, close blinds and curtains in the evening when you are in for the night, install and use motion activated lighting and if you have an alarm system, use it and make sure there is a cellular back-up in the event of a power outage.

More Clips from 1940s/1950s Decatur Home Movies!

Another gift from Allison!  She writes…

A few more scraps of my family’s home movies, taken by my grandfather M.F. “Bubber” Adams, Jr., in and around Decatur in the 1940s and 1950s. These include WSB’s first TV transmitter, Decatur First Baptist Church, bits of Winnona Park, and probably the scooter you wish you had now.